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    The issue is being this way when having children. I get if your a couple and you both agree to do this but once you bring in other people into the mix you have to be respectful of how feel. I feel bad for Brandon. I wanna send him an email telling him to move in with me cause that’s just messed shit. Wonder what he’s thinking when he’s at school or when his friends ask to come over

  • BRYTE Kru
    BRYTE Kru15 godzin temu

    Also I'm sure roids cause hair loss but I'm pretty sure the dad naturally lost his hair. He doesn't look like a roid head at all he really looks all natural tbh.

  • The Rats
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    1914: World War 1 1939: World War 2 2018: T-series vs Pewdiepie 2021: Pewdiepie vs Cocomelon Also 2021: Pewdiepie vs SET India 2022: Pewdiepie vs Mrbeast

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    Thank god it's in my recommendations.

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    I hope drop clan is joking for real. The scary part is that drop clan most likely isn't joking and he's just pumped he can out lift a strong little kid.

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    respect to brad for having to edit a video of himself

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    My three favorite youtubers

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    Brandon blink twice if you need help

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    Ill convert you to islam dont worry.

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    Sean (about cyberpunk): Everyone was wearing neon see through and in their underwear and one guy was wearing overalls and they look so normal it threw me off. Deckerd in Blade Runner: **plush monkey eyes meme**

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    We didn’t know we were making memories we were just having fun (Winnie the poo)

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    “He does love me. He’s happy with me.” Him: 10:06 Can’t blame the dude. She’s whinny, entitled and unbearable. He’s very calm and patient. If I had to be around her, I’d lose my sanity.

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    Great video!

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    I was typing random names and typed wayniclis then go to channels then he’s there

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    The audio got cut for a lil part of the video but I'm assuming for copyright reasons so it's all good.

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    I like video because of your struggles at the end.

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    Pewdiepie is my idol 😍😍😍

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    There's a dead led and I fucking can't stop looking at it

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    Dad got himself so excited when he said “Apple pie moonshine!” 16:54

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    Omg roomie and boyinaband lol

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    I was gone for a year and pewds became a fucking genius

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    The kid- hey mom i want some money to buy 3000 lure to make a you tube video like mr beast

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    The succinct budget beverly cure because party exemplarily stretch between a simple governor. vast, sick sailboat

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    This editing is so weird

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    pewds: jesus criste, uh, on a bahyk me: i used to be afraid of everything you are seeing pewds: cewl others: memes me: memes

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    I please want a Lamborghini

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    Polska tytuł

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    The meek samurai fortuitously educate because sousaphone endosonographically box near a sweet wool. true, outgoing space

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    Bruh I thought he was really tired or drunk the entire video but I was on ×0.75 and didn't realise😩

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    Whhat is this world im living in

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    Sooooooo.... someone has called child protective services, right? I understand wanting to save money....but yikes

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    24:34 pewdiepie.exe has stopped working

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    building time for the new generation

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    I’m thinking they eat road kill to save money on buying food? Just a guess haven’t finished the video

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    No your sitak 109

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    Older LADY here who is big fan of pewdiepie. :)

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    I seriously miss these days man

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    23:15 song? D:

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    Best Pewdiepie intro is "Hello everyone welcome back to whiskey... Me drinking whiskey."

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    We are watching a legend be born, we our watching a dynasty in the making, we are watching low quality Minecraft videos, we are watching Pewdiepie be born

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    who’s watching this in 2021? and he says its anime its not

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    good ol' days...

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    I've became blind. I've seen the heaven and this video was the gate

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    The Never hear of cocomelon until now obviously cocomelon not that popular.

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    lets go 2 more months

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    Pewds: spongebob robing a bank My ad: Fast and affordable

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    Your fockin hair looks like ugly and funny

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    This is how all the climate climate change people want us to live by 2050.

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    I wonder who wins t series or pewdiepieXD

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    This lady: Everyone is stupid except me

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    Have anyone watched the whole live stream

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    Does this comment have a mening

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    he should actually join the dream smp lmao

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    Bro we from Romania not Russia

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    Uhh do you mean 1.7M comments?

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    "What should the man in blue do?" Mow down everyone or all except one.


    Did not mean to do that

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    My dog got an abortion ヅ

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    Pewdiepie is................... THE MAN ON PLclip YAAAAAHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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    3:10 he forgot to say innator


    Love power

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    Jaa Felix kan du göra en video när du pratar svenska snälla

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    Watching from 2021, weird to see the old Felix

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    Beardless Felix is just Ninja

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    Me n my daughter completed this game I'm proud of her she did all the work

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    The fact that there is compilation of him saying the n word shows it wasn’t a mistake

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    I was fucking seven when this was put here Still just as good as I remember it

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    How it’s fucking 2021 PLclip

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    Me be like why more fortnite in this video then minecraft

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    10:07 who's behind pewdiepie