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Tik Tok is Cringe

Tik Tok is Cringe


  • Allison
    Allison12 godzin temu

    I love how he talks about his ex wife he met DURING COVID. I can see why that relationship ended so fast. He’s so pretentious

  • Emile Gore
    Emile Gore12 godzin temu

    It's so cringe. So creepy.

  • DashingDarkWolf2
    DashingDarkWolf212 godzin temu

    I like how PLclip recommended me this for almost 11 times already

  • Matheus Damásio
    Matheus Damásio12 godzin temu

    Wow cocomelon have more subscribers tan of you //c 111mi//p110//

  • Jessa ฅ'ω'ฅ
    Jessa ฅ'ω'ฅ12 godzin temu

    That "Chupacabras?" 😂

  • Fien Zinfi
    Fien Zinfi12 godzin temu

    Fuck. Paul McCartney's career took a dive.

  • ArsenalZ
    ArsenalZ12 godzin temu

    Subtitles: **hello my name is Pierre**

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith12 godzin temu

    yall missed the nightclub bathroom with cameras spying on the dudes pissing

  • Đ0Gz 3OOO
    Đ0Gz 3OOO12 godzin temu

    PewDiePie At the end of the previous episode: WA0A0A0A0A£€€£€£€£€£¥¥¥¥¥UUUππππ‽¿‽¿‽

  • squidward on a box
    squidward on a box12 godzin temu

    5:21 the backpack kid singing like it's the friday night funkin tutorial

  • Dragnoft
    Dragnoft12 godzin temu

    look at that handsome man

  • Paul Pungar
    Paul Pungar12 godzin temu

    I cant fuken breathe 🤣🤣🤣

  • Krazidy
    Krazidy12 godzin temu

    Again, thank you pewds, ken, and sive for making me happy. 🙏

  • Cool Kid
    Cool Kid12 godzin temu

    Pewds is not funny

    RENNIKER12 godzin temu

    i’d hate to be the first guy that heard the audio clipping, getting shut down, and then everyone else going: “iT’s bAd noW!”

  • Aeron Lopez
    Aeron Lopez12 godzin temu

    His mannerism in saving the game is clearly an OCD 😂

  • Britney Barker
    Britney Barker12 godzin temu

    Just keep swimming

  • Britney Barker
    Britney Barker12 godzin temu

    Just keep swimming

  • Berry
    Berry12 godzin temu

    someone hackedf me also.l

  • Alexander Roa
    Alexander Roa12 godzin temu

    This song still heatt

  • jack puhar
    jack puhar12 godzin temu

    hes cancelled

  • Fariborz Irani
    Fariborz Irani12 godzin temu

    Old lady in pink must be protected at all costs.

  • ModelXYLO
    ModelXYLO12 godzin temu

    Its been an emotional rollercoaster with you all, im glad I was here. Farewell bros

  • James Mabry
    James Mabry12 godzin temu

    Who else cried through most of it??? You don't have to like this, just reply if you feel like it.

  • Madro
    Madro12 godzin temu

    Challenge: Cut a tomato with a katana

  • DefinitelyNotJay
    DefinitelyNotJay12 godzin temu

    12:58 LMAO shes old pewds

  • Doom Slayer
    Doom Slayer12 godzin temu

    i like Ken's ring

  • Ecard Ecardian
    Ecard Ecardian12 godzin temu

    Reading outside? It is a frozen wasteland outside.

  • Mr. Ultra
    Mr. Ultra12 godzin temu

    @PewDiePie 16:43 'writhing' is pronounced with the "eye" sound, and the word means to squirm or flounder about involuntarily, often out of pain.

  • IMaThot
    IMaThot12 godzin temu

    This really brings me back

  • Dedre Reads
    Dedre Reads12 godzin temu

    First Yugioh, now this 80's video that I tried for YEARS to learn Yo-Yo from, WHY AND HOW IS PEWDIEPIE SUDDENLY MAKING MY CHILDHOOD RELEVANT AGAIN??!? How in the heck did anyone even find that Yo-Yo man video??!? D:

  • sithaarth maheshwaran
    sithaarth maheshwaran12 godzin temu

    See u guys after it randomly recommended to u....

  • ThatChristianGamer
    ThatChristianGamer12 godzin temu

    tuber simulator in the description

  • awali F
    awali F12 godzin temu

    Please play Terraria🌳

  • Eysa
    Eysa12 godzin temu

    This guy gives me anxiety while listening to him trying to finish his sentences... loool

  • Let’s play A game
    Let’s play A game12 godzin temu

    Sleep loose pupper

  • lorenz andrei orzal claus
    lorenz andrei orzal claus12 godzin temu

    His name is Beingt

  • otonk marcel
    otonk marcel12 godzin temu

    felix would never know the complex of Indonesian tiktok drama

  • Pro Noobs Tamil
    Pro Noobs Tamil12 godzin temu

    Here is my comment 😂😂😂

  • AI
    AI12 godzin temu

    2:59 Bill trump

  • 5ri7ix
    5ri7ix12 godzin temu

    Dom Mazzetti skit????

  • Ten lin
    Ten lin12 godzin temu


  • Kristian Liagon
    Kristian Liagon12 godzin temu

    What a waste of space.

  • beach bowl
    beach bowl12 godzin temu


  • Chevleon
    Chevleon12 godzin temu

    This sounds like one of those construction projects that the contractors were like.....Why.

  • Saeedat A
    Saeedat A12 godzin temu

    The one about the air freshener was so dumb. I lost brain cells.

  • aniq stabilo
    aniq stabilo12 godzin temu

    its actually true but it died couse your too storng.

  • Alexander Burton
    Alexander Burton12 godzin temu


  • Jackson Owens
    Jackson Owens12 godzin temu

    Actually the most expensive house is in India and it costs 2 billion dollars

  • Joyce
    Joyce12 godzin temu

    jack giving tips for pewds in his chat is just too cute

  • Erica D
    Erica D12 godzin temu

    Nile Niami is a spec designer who has no real money of his own, but he gets investors to lend him millions of dollars to build these huge, ostentatious properties that he hopes to sell for many times more than what it cost him to build. Much of the time however, it doesnt work out and the homes either sell for a fraction of what he'd initially planned or they don't sell at all. The half a billion dollar price tag on this monstrosity isn't the house's actual value, but just the latest dollar amount that Nile claims it is worth. The investors who lent him over 82 million to build the home in 2018 recently sent him a notice of default. He doesn't have the money to pay them back, so he makes up these ridiculous stories about boxing matches, TV shows and whatever he thinks will work in a desperate attempt to keep from losing the house. To most people, he's an obvious phony and completely full of BS, yet somehow he has repeatedly convinced investors that his schemes are legitimate and they keep lending him money. He kind of reminds me of Elizabeth Holmes and Billy McFarland , the con artist who created Fyre Fest.

  • GeneralKayoss
    GeneralKayoss12 godzin temu

    These are the same rich LA Hollyweird elites telling you to pay more taxes.

  • funny tiktok's
    funny tiktok's12 godzin temu

    Love the intro bro

  • Jamis animates
    Jamis animates12 godzin temu

    I am going to die

  • Addison Bumbleburg
    Addison Bumbleburg12 godzin temu

    Pewds trying to figure out the notes was the most painful part for me 😂

  • Anupama Salunkhe
    Anupama Salunkhe12 godzin temu

    Lets go make it 1 billion views

  • Badabing Badaboom
    Badabing Badaboom12 godzin temu

    11:14 "I hear another one" Raises head to look out the window 🤣

  • roberto fraustro
    roberto fraustro12 godzin temu

    I mean, we all love pewds but damn he really is bad at paying attention to the game haha

  • Phonso
    Phonso12 godzin temu

    Ah the days where the internet wasn’t filled with snowflakes.

  • Mr. Elder
    Mr. Elder12 godzin temu


  • Kristen Arvoy
    Kristen Arvoy12 godzin temu

    And it’s about time we change up the brofist, to the sis-fist/ respect-women-fist!!!

  • nightspicer
    nightspicer12 godzin temu

    Pretty sure like 80% of this money went to buy just the land for the house

  • Logan Swords
    Logan Swords12 godzin temu

    13:14 Where is it? You just gonna lie to us like that. The disrespect. So disappointed. Sad emoji.

    CHIEF BROWNFART12 godzin temu

    That was a pretty damn solid game.

  • FBI
    FBI12 godzin temu

    Nostalgia hittin rn

  • King_ Wolf
    King_ Wolf12 godzin temu

    O:00 mic pov

  • Artuar3 CRaFT
    Artuar3 CRaFT12 godzin temu

    Don’t get mad at me pewdiepieee but I laughed at the thumbnail 🤣🤣🤣

  • Paola Maisonet
    Paola Maisonet12 godzin temu

    The look on this whole house is the reflection of how his thought process is.

  • Kristen Arvoy
    Kristen Arvoy12 godzin temu

    Just NO violence toward anyone, just respect.

  • Aldo Torres
    Aldo Torres12 godzin temu


  • Narzabal Sombra Ronel
    Narzabal Sombra Ronel12 godzin temu

    Thanks to the creeper that blowup before in his dirt house. After that his house just stonks. Lol

  • Don Francis Sarmiento
    Don Francis Sarmiento12 godzin temu

    subscribing to pewdiepie since day 1 but he never fail to amuse and amaze me !

  • Matthew Hensley
    Matthew Hensley12 godzin temu

    There. Are. No. Muscles. In. Your. Fingers.

  • Chrizon Lozano
    Chrizon Lozano12 godzin temu

    we lost their at 111 mil subs

  • Michael Assali
    Michael Assali12 godzin temu

    7:41 deamn felix have some mercy bro

  • james biglangawa
    james biglangawa12 godzin temu


  • Heather McFarland
    Heather McFarland12 godzin temu

    Every time I try to comment something funny my comment section becomes a war between people that didn’t get the joke and people trying to explain it to them.

  • yowtaf
    yowtaf12 godzin temu

    the seats that werr in the water in the nightclub would be totally safe for drunk people.

  • Dee
    Dee12 godzin temu


  • Sadie Maas
    Sadie Maas12 godzin temu

    at 2:00, i was like awwwwww i know what you thinking.. | )

  • Mr Ghøst
    Mr Ghøst12 godzin temu

    2:11:53 We use the key to get the key -PewDiePie