• Anju Pandey
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  • YouTube Türkiye Müdür
    YouTube Türkiye Müdür18 godzin temu

    Disgusting oily nose

  • William Lu
    William Lu18 godzin temu

    Dislike PewDiePie now

  • aapje plays
    aapje plays18 godzin temu

    Pewds, the picture in picture feature is a PLclip thing anyone thats on yt can do it

  • Maulana Habel
    Maulana Habel18 godzin temu

    Axolotl: why you put me here?, Pudidi!

  • Leander Gabriel
    Leander Gabriel18 godzin temu

    Yuubili should next do 6 people normal people with one murderer.

  • _
    _18 godzin temu

    "but can we spot unmarried man?" *looks at camera*

  • Rartros
    Rartros18 godzin temu

    wait, you don't sub to ken?

  • nera
    nera18 godzin temu

    didn't candice say she has been married for 30 years but then go on to say her husband is 35 years old lmao

  • Sworded45
    Sworded4518 godzin temu

    I never knew a tank can go stealth mode but pewds is literally making it go that way True gamer god

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  • seitaki
    seitaki18 godzin temu

    this feels so nostalgic now

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  • Jerónimo Urrutia
    Jerónimo Urrutia18 godzin temu

    pewdiepie: speed X2 me: x0.25

  • Marta B
    Marta B18 godzin temu

    0:29 this was adorable and funny😂😂

  • lazy games
    lazy games18 godzin temu

    This was sad for Felix and viewers but for some people this was hysterical

  • No Name
    No Name18 godzin temu

    It's like you're exploding from jealousy ,seems like u really regret being kicked out of college

  • Unknown Here
    Unknown Here18 godzin temu

    One of the longest video i've ever seen .

  • Maulana Habel
    Maulana Habel18 godzin temu

    Poor axolotl in the nether

  • Grasshopper K
    Grasshopper K18 godzin temu

    My GF moved from São Paulo, to Dublin for 6 months. She's 1.68m I'm 1.8m I weighed 65kg she weighed pretty much the same. I'd never been to a gym, but she liked, and was really happy, when I told her I liked she looked after herself, and when I did point out what I was worried about. She was never "fat" but I love that I can point out with her, she looks amazing, and she look better than she did a couple of years ago. I don't know if *any* discussion has degraded into an argument. Everything had just been a discussion, even if some of them weren't the happiest etc.

  • Anastasia
    Anastasia18 godzin temu

    *Watching Felix advertise opera GX while using opera gx* me : ah, yes.. interesting *think*

  • Mr-Geese
    Mr-Geese18 godzin temu

    I tried to learn more about the Swedish culture and what not because I’m Swedish, but I ended up watching Felix play World Of Tanks 😂

  • Monotyc Music
    Monotyc Music18 godzin temu

    Pewdiepie’s facial expression on the thumbnail is so fucking demotivating to click the video...

  • MrCried
    MrCried18 godzin temu

    Pewds is a fitness youtuber. I got a protein add on his channel.

  • Sarah Evans
    Sarah Evans18 godzin temu

    I love when ken and you do react videos🤣😂

  • Amanda
    Amanda18 godzin temu

    What was the 1 thing that wrong at Ken's wedding? I need to know 🥲

  • Iksiruk
    Iksiruk18 godzin temu

    People who said that dream was the one that revived the game are so wrong... it's totally pewdiepie btw felix hur fan kan du ha pickaxe-svärd-spade-yxa som ordning i ditt inventory alla chads har ju svärd-pickaxe-yxa-spade

  • Me You
    Me You18 godzin temu

    Hmmm Hi

  • Great Intelijense
    Great Intelijense18 godzin temu

    Felix: Moustache + marriage doesn’t work Ken: 👨🏻

  • Kevin Ajongbah
    Kevin Ajongbah18 godzin temu

    I have been in boarding school for 2 months and we were given a 2 day break and I get to use it to all the pewdiepie videos I missed and I would not be happier doing anything else.I am going back to school today will be back after another month

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  • NoTDeEP
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    emeralds are less rare when you are in mountains biome

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  • Bram Van Hooydonck
    Bram Van Hooydonck18 godzin temu

    I never saw my grandparents wearing a ring. Theirs got stolen among other family jewelry and some speakers.

  • Daniel Huynh
    Daniel Huynh18 godzin temu

    who’s candice?

  • Kiwi Stauffer
    Kiwi Stauffer18 godzin temu

    I found a solution the Marzia computer problem. Right click on the tab and make a group. Click on the group and every tab you had put in the group will be one colored half sized tab. All you have to do is click on it again and all the tabs will be there again the exact same. That’s what Ken had when we saw all his tabs. Yw 🤗

  • Jonas Koopman
    Jonas Koopman18 godzin temu

    You don't have to watch 100 ways to die in minecraft, just watch pewdiepie's minecrfat serie

  • Deuz Deuz
    Deuz Deuz18 godzin temu

    As we say in France (and maybe others countries): intelligence is like jam, the less you have the more you spread it (originally about culture, but it works well with intelligence too, as we can see here).

  • Pincer
    Pincer18 godzin temu

    How is it Going Everyone My Name PEWDIEPIE

  • wamsly
    wamsly18 godzin temu

    They need to change the rules. It’s absolutely stupid. You shouldn’t be rewarded and incentivized to get all ur teammates out

  • General Baguette
    General Baguette18 godzin temu

    Put bebe axolotol in a bucket?

  • Pranay Tripathi
    Pranay Tripathi18 godzin temu

    So Felix you can yes the word Juventus next time ken says you're wrong cuz it's pronounced as "youventus"

  • Peety_08
    Peety_0818 godzin temu

    My guy found s blue one and doesnt have a reaction

  • Lucas Mii
    Lucas Mii18 godzin temu

    been a decade

  • cosmosonmymind
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    “I’ve been married for 30 years and my husband is 35 years old.” Me: *Confused in illegal*

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  • Aliquid Gaming
    Aliquid Gaming18 godzin temu

    Fun fact. Smaller brains can fire synapses faster and typically have more Grey matter which equates to more often than not more intelligence

  • Sa rez2020
    Sa rez202018 godzin temu

    I like when pewdiepie & toast r trying to find who’s the killer was Lmaoo

  • KrXsTs GrAvA
    KrXsTs GrAvA18 godzin temu

    He missed the axolotl and saying he wants to find it

  • dorsiflexion
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    Yea good beat

  • Riley Chapman
    Riley Chapman18 godzin temu

    21:07 hands in pants ?

  • fire King clan
    fire King clan18 godzin temu

    Nej dem är missbildade pungkulor

  • Nikhil Vasanth
    Nikhil Vasanth18 godzin temu

    Ken is Omni-man

  • Cluster_rl
    Cluster_rl18 godzin temu

    Did anyone noticed he missed a bloody purple axolotl omg he is so unlucky and lucky at the same time

  • alexa
    alexa18 godzin temu

    NOOOOOOOOOOO, that's awesome!

  • flizo05
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    Thx scott

  • Onecrispyfrie
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    Roger taylor?

  • Caleb Madl
    Caleb Madl18 godzin temu

    what happened to the audio in the last 5 minutes???

  • Mixie.Mooz1212
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    12:46 ay-yo! 😂 💜

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    5 mil dis

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    They added goat

  • sis x gamer
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    Booo how dare you hate dhar mann he is a nice guy, u shouldnt have hate them by just one video

    ARCADE PLUS18 godzin temu

    Potential energy 👌

  • Mr nebula 6000
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    It’s part 1 of the cave update

  • Yorkshireyuken
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    11:07 pewd low on that old Calcium there boi

  • Crazygame Boy001
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    The blonde hair color leaks into there brain and makes them dumb

  • VVhite Wolf
    VVhite Wolf18 godzin temu

    Cutiepie 🤣

  • •[ m o n r o e ]•
    •[ m o n r o e ]•18 godzin temu

    the funniest part was the screen of "never gonna give you up" and the silence at the end.

  • mathew td17
    mathew td1718 godzin temu

    You guys have morning routine... Wow it's amazing..

  • Lucas Van den velden
    Lucas Van den velden18 godzin temu

    30 years married and he is 35??? 🤔

  • View
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    Pewds: I like the dynamic music. (Immediately mutes the sound 2 seconds after )

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    This is literally the best video on PLclip 😂😂😅

  • Jason Kalugala
    Jason Kalugala18 godzin temu

    U already got 😂

  • Jaskaran Singh
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    Lob u felix, 😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  • Harambe420 on the Interwebs
    Harambe420 on the Interwebs18 godzin temu

    The black women on the right is so annoying and suspicious. Haven‘t watched it till the end now Edit: she just said my husband is 35 but she said she‘s married for 30 years…what?😂😂

  • dorsiflexion
    dorsiflexion18 godzin temu

    Yea PewDiePie