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proving im am smarter than ALL of reddit.. heck? ALL OF WORLD!
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  • Blue Lightning Creeper
    Blue Lightning Creeper3 minut temu

    You can't calculate the size of the galaxy by just the knowledge of how much time passes on Earth since you would also need to know how fast you are going. You would also need to know how much time the trip would take relative to you (at light speed it is about 93 billion years). So you would need to go way above light speed, which is impossible without exotic matter.

  • Blue Lightning Creeper
    Blue Lightning Creeper6 minut temu

    Well that depends because the universe is going to keep expanding and the rate is accelerating and will continue to accelerate. The Universe is already expanding faster than light and will get faster. Because of this, dark energy, dark matter, and forces of attraction will begin to fail, making space more empty and dark. At the end of the universe, there will be nothing left except light. All matter will "decompose" into photons. However, space won't be bright as there is nothing for the photons to bounce off of. As for space, it will continue expanding. Now you have to think about the definition of time. Is time how long the universe is around? That would make time infinite. Is time how long a living being can experience it? That would make time finite. Is time related to light? Well, that would be even more complicated. Anyway, it's kind of a mind-bender but interesting at the same time. P.S. This is with minimal knowledge and I'm sure that it is very simplified. The physics and mathematics are most probably a lot more complicated.

  • estefany louie
    estefany louie7 minut temu

    4:11 i needed this.

  • Hero Zero
    Hero Zero24 minut temu


  • BathTub Squid
    BathTub Squid36 minut temu

    Anyone else couldn’t stop thinking about his headset being on backwards the entire time?

  • Megamany007op
    Megamany007opGodzinę temu

    If you put 2 lasagnas together would it just be 1 lasagna?🤯

  • Jo Waldner
    Jo WaldnerGodzinę temu

    History has been writen by men. There has always been female poets authors and artists in history but their works were not writen down or said to be less worth because they were females. Same goes for work troughout history made by people of colour. Read "Women, art and society" by Chadwick.

  • Unicode 3164
    Unicode 31642 godzin temu

    Wow, got notified 7 days late.

  • Tr1ped
    Tr1ped2 godzin temu

    4:35 When Felix starts giving advice

  • Russell Tenzer
    Russell Tenzer4 godzin temu

    Based on your last video game what are you getting arrested for? Warzone: Personally killing anyone and everyone I can find with anything and everything I can find in the pursuit of being the last man alive.

  • Shah Jalal Ahmed
    Shah Jalal Ahmed4 godzin temu

    Time is limited.

  • 조윤호
    조윤호4 godzin temu

    独島は韓国の地である日本の地ではない。DOKDO IS KOREA'S TERRITORY, NOT JAPAN'S

  • Marcel Himmel
    Marcel Himmel4 godzin temu


  • [그림유튜브]
    [그림유튜브]5 godzin temu


  • K3TCHUP _
    K3TCHUP _7 godzin temu

    6:26 the reddit post

  • Photonic Duck
    Photonic Duck7 godzin temu

    You are not smarter than reddit

  • LadoKlibadze
    LadoKlibadze8 godzin temu

    im 22 years old never worked before, studying stupid shit at univercity. am i running slowly or what.i think life has left me behind but im cool with it. fuck me im not cool with it! :(

  • Eye Ball Juice
    Eye Ball Juice9 godzin temu

    I feel like pewds hasn’t came to the conclusion that adults and kids have no difference in intelligence currently

  • Jeff_Wolf
    Jeff_Wolf11 godzin temu

    "Enjoy your youth as much as possible before its too late" Life: School, homework, laws/rules, parents, insecurities

  • Bans Freestyle Vlogger
    Bans Freestyle Vlogger11 godzin temu


  • Sloppy Blunt
    Sloppy Blunt12 godzin temu

    15years traveling is way better then 15years in jail

  • D4vid_hits
    D4vid_hits13 godzin temu

    day 11 of getting to 100 subs by comments lol

  • Captain Unity
    Captain Unity15 godzin temu

    I was gone for a year and pewds became a fucking genius

  • Live On
    Live On15 godzin temu

    "enjoy your youth" Pandemic: bitch u thought

  • Jake Despa
    Jake Despa16 godzin temu

    Can you do the china invasion thingy, they are currently invading taiwan and a wide area in the east..... West phillipine sea

  • The Cowlick Show
    The Cowlick Show16 godzin temu

    That isn’t very hard

  • YourOrdinaryTemp
    YourOrdinaryTemp17 godzin temu

    1:11 we all agree with you felix

  • Grace
    Grace17 godzin temu

    my mom was telling me about how much pressure is put on adults to drink with their friends. It's absolutely ridiculous. She also says once I get to that age, I should drink too so I don't look like a little kid. Like bro ill drink if I want to drink, and I won't if I don't want to. The last thing I'm gonna do is let a bunch of punk wannabe adults tell me what to do. It's funny how we are taught at a young age about how its wrong to peer pressure or be peer pressured, yet adults do crap like this all the time. its just stupid

    THIS GUY HD19 godzin temu

    tbh. literally every person that is not on reddit. is smarter then people that is on reddit.

  • fenix23
    fenix2321 godzinę temu

    I always have grocery bag in car just in case ;)

  • meatANT
    meatANT21 godzinę temu

    I need shoutout , bro plz .🥺

  • Haley Townsend
    Haley Townsend23 godzin temu

    I really liked this

  • Pratyush Mishra
    Pratyush Mishra23 godzin temu

    I hear people always say that "PewDiePie is a single person and T series is a corporation". If that was so , what was the reason that pewdiepie competed with T series , hm? Its not that I am a lover of T series or Hater of pewd , I just think this guy ( pewdiepie) is a fool who did controversy for gaining subscribers.

  • GB
    GBDzień temu

    i feel like there's a scene from this video got cut out. the scene where he talks about books, anyone watched that too ?

  • Showbiz Craft
    Showbiz CraftDzień temu

    I need help

  • Loophole
    LoopholeDzień temu

    4:40 Bertholdt

  • Ronan Fahy
    Ronan FahyDzień temu

    Blows my mind that people's biggest problem in life is "GeT NeRvY tOkIn iN FrONt oF PeEpLe"

  • مصطفى التميمي
    مصطفى التميميDzień temu

    زربه ttttttt

    BLUYT FANDzień temu


    PANDA BSDzień temu


  • Erik Bayer
    Erik BayerDzień temu

    The way he said kurzgesagt

  • BeyondAir
    BeyondAirDzień temu

    when you running out of ideas

  • White Butterfly_46n2
    White Butterfly_46n2Dzień temu

    🦋 I Agree on these subjects. Reddit is a very perplexing site. Regardless of context. Felix giving the best advice to all us viewers. And then 🤣 that Epic Fridge again! 💁‍♀️ Emily Dickenson, Emily Brontë, & Anne Rice are my favorite female writers.😉

  • Small Ben7
    Small Ben7Dzień temu

    Imagine asking redditors how to make friends

  • VernZuoNotZou
    VernZuoNotZouDzień temu


  • VernZuoNotZou
    VernZuoNotZouDzień temu


  • Tqger _
    Tqger _Dzień temu


  • Zoe O'Keefe
    Zoe O'KeefeDzień temu

    my female hero is katniss from the hunger games

  • Lara crofty
    Lara croftyDzień temu

    1:35 😂😂😂😂

  • Bin Ghhjb
    Bin GhhjbDzień temu


  • YeBoyShadow
    YeBoyShadowDzień temu

    3:43 pewdiepie is killer bee confirmed

  • Zenkazi Music
    Zenkazi MusicDzień temu

    Funny how Pewds manages to make mundane topics so enjoyable.

  • Benjamin S.
    Benjamin S.Dzień temu

    I agree with your point to use math and logic rather than waiting for ETs to come pick us up for a field trip.

  • Vyr1ssTV
    Vyr1ssTVDzień temu

    Do another one of these

  • Aksel Smith
    Aksel SmithDzień temu

    we already know the size of the galaxy tho...

  • axel
    axelDzień temu


  • axel


    Dzień temu


  • John Doe
    John DoeDzień temu

    Future Hub

  • Cristi Tanase
    Cristi TanaseDzień temu

    "I'm smarter than Reddit". You mean you're below average...OK then.

  • david einfachso
    david einfachsoDzień temu


  • Nominoë
    NominoëDzień temu


  • goose.
    goose.Dzień temu

    4:11 i don't know myself dammit

  • Naiara naiara
    Naiara naiaraDzień temu

    The question about drinking to make friends is more about going out to bars,partys and things like that, like, if I don't like dancing, I can pretend I'm drinking and talk a little to meet people

  • Fadillah islamay harditya
    Fadillah islamay hardityaDzień temu

    Reddit say

  • Anny
    AnnyDzień temu

    I’ve noticed that after discovering philosophy and what not, Felix’s perspective on the world has changed, I think it would be interesting to see how the answers he gave in this video would differ compared to that of maybe 2 or 3 years ago.

  • Sir Shuttlesworth
    Sir ShuttlesworthDzień temu

    Pewds. Time cannot be infinite because today would not have gotten here. Also basically the fact that time is just entropy and the fact the if time went infinitely in the past then we would have infinitely long ago reached the heat death of the universe. If time goes infinitely in the future then entropy will stop one day because everything has an even amount of heat (heat death) and if there is no change in entropy there is no time. Also that’s why we say time is “relative” because entropy behaves differently at higher speeds. So no pewds, TIME IS NOT INFINITE

  • Cookie
    Cookie2 dni temu


  • Thomas Someone
    Thomas Someone2 dni temu

    Pewds not understanding the first question at al is killing me. He’s asking how to meet new people and he doesn’t drink so he’s not going to go to a pub. Community service is actually really good advice! You’ll meet such kind and diverse people! It’s actually amazing!

  • Megan Morrison
    Megan Morrison2 dni temu

    0:16 I think the question meant “I have no friends and I don’t drink so how else can I find people to make friends as an adult”

  • Nigh Hotes
    Nigh Hotes2 dni temu

    Something you should keep in your car: a steering wheel

  • Team Fluid
    Team Fluid2 dni temu

    Not really hard to be smarter than reddit

  • mingrei
    mingrei2 dni temu

    Little nightmares 2

  • mingrei
    mingrei2 dni temu

    Little nightmares 2

  • mingrei
    mingrei2 dni temu

    Little nightmares 2

  • mingrei
    mingrei2 dni temu

    Little nightmares 2

  • mingrei
    mingrei2 dni temu

    Little nightmares 2

  • Aryav Ghosh
    Aryav Ghosh2 dni temu

    7:50 what about cyanide

  • frosty juicy
    frosty juicy2 dni temu

    did anyone notice his headphones its the wrong side goddam it felix

  • Ishu Verma
    Ishu Verma2 dni temu

    Why did I immediately know that Pewds would think of "The Room" for his comfort movie? 🕵️‍♂️🤝

  • Julie Olsen
    Julie Olsen2 dni temu

    The Jared Leto one, wasn't he the one pressuring those people to stand up during his concert 😅😩

  • Pewdstan
    Pewdstan2 dni temu

    Can u make a vid with Marzia again

  • lol beginner
    lol beginner2 dni temu

    I think bringing an extra fuel can would be helpful if u have it in a car. Except if it explodes.......

  • David Dollinger
    David Dollinger2 dni temu

    Time is a doughnut

  • Anny


    Dzień temu

    Ha that reminds me of bill bryson describing the universe as a donut.🍩

  • Panda girl
    Panda girl2 dni temu

    skidaddle😂😂 i see you have been watching codyko

  • Jotaro_Kujo _JJBA
    Jotaro_Kujo _JJBA2 dni temu

    *gets arrested for the Automatic Sorting System*

  • Zack4Aerith Hheellzzoonnee
    Zack4Aerith Hheellzzoonnee2 dni temu

    TikTok until PLclip VRS TIKTOK Boxing JUNE 14TH

  • Austin V
    Austin V2 dni temu


  • cc cool
    cc cool2 dni temu

    it over :(

  • Beldad Tyrone
    Beldad Tyrone2 dni temu


  • Häxan
    Häxan2 dni temu

    Luv u pudipy

  • Display Name
    Display Name2 dni temu

    This never showed up in my inbox

  • Dwayne Silva
    Dwayne Silva2 dni temu


  • Leigh Wallbridge
    Leigh Wallbridge2 dni temu


  • Transforming Destiny
    Transforming Destiny2 dni temu

    Infinite 👏🏼👏🏼

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment2 dni temu

    Hey me in 5 years is pewdiepie cringe

  • said rahal
    said rahal2 dni temu

    Still stangated in 109 M subs?

  • Tefigero
    Tefigero2 dni temu

    This was fun! Make a part 2 :D

  • Xerodight
    Xerodight2 dni temu

    Me: Thinking it's gonna be a fun time Pewdiepie: Life is not a race Me: I am 20 and this is deep

  • KJ the sloth
    KJ the sloth2 dni temu

    That was the best ending of a PLclip video I’ve ever seen

  • Louie Marsella
    Louie Marsella2 dni temu

    RIP Yahoo Answers💔