Reacting to 6 Bros vs 1 Secret PewDiePie

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  • PewDiePie
    PewDiePie27 dni temu

    ay new merch link:

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    Nightcore World

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    Commander Bruh ✔

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    RS Vince

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  • Commander Bruh ✔

    Commander Bruh ✔

    12 dni temu

    @Uzma Razzaque-Bibi ok

  • Commander Bruh ✔

    Commander Bruh ✔

    12 dni temu


  • saffy star
    saffy star7 minut temu

    I thought brendan was my older brother and I wanted to cry cuz I thought he had gotten in a pewdiepie video and I didn’t lmao

  • Nat Tuesday
    Nat Tuesday9 godzin temu

    so cool

  • lamia haque
    lamia haque9 godzin temu

    Pewds is honestly such a wholesome guy with such a nice personality. I love watching him videos wenever I’m down

  • Annabelle Mardell
    Annabelle Mardell12 godzin temu

    The dangerous airship formally wrap because screw partly influence vice a brown bottom. lethal, selective whistle

  • Universal
    Universal13 godzin temu

    19:59 dang pewds chill

  • z CHR15T1AN x
    z CHR15T1AN x13 godzin temu

    I died when he said “it’s fat PewDiePie!”

  • Techie Abhishek.S
    Techie Abhishek.S13 godzin temu

    Will I ever get a chance to be with you before I die or before u die?

  • Lady Equinox
    Lady Equinox14 godzin temu

    Bruh I'm from missouri

  • Thelaretus
    Thelaretus15 godzin temu

    As a Latinist my pronunciation of _Jubilee_ sounds like you-BILL-eh-eh. 9:40 No it's not in the middle of America, because it's in the middle of the USA, which is a North-American country. The middle of America would be more like Belize or Nicaragua, I'm not sure. Much love from Brazil, in the South of America.

  • anton istrate
    anton istrate17 godzin temu

    Those guys were cool. Props to you 9 year oooooolds for a great videoo

  • Kurt Brixton Jagonia
    Kurt Brixton Jagonia18 godzin temu

    "so cool"

  • Brad and Toni k.
    Brad and Toni k.23 godzin temu

    🦋yep.. I get it. When my likkle girl goes to sleep.. I watch pewd and roomie.. I get a laugh and a couple songs!! 🌛✨

  • Ethan Dean
    Ethan DeanDzień temu

    "Brendan, you shut your god damn mouth" lmao

  • SlipsOnBanana
    SlipsOnBananaDzień temu

    If pewdiepie wanted to get away with anything he should’ve just said he’s from Vancouver

  • Marissa B
    Marissa BDzień temu

    As a Missourian, I am amused

  • The Sauce
    The SauceDzień temu

    so cool

  • Doobs World
    Doobs WorldDzień temu

    Realising These are all actually 19 year olds… 😅 I’m sitting here 33 years old, just looking like I’m 19 still 😬🤫

  • Arda Yelen
    Arda YelenDzień temu

    Wait so at the start you are reacting to them reacting to you reacting to them reacting to you ? Holy shit my brain hurts

  • Memories
    Memories2 dni temu


  • Lowenn Concepcion
    Lowenn Concepcion2 dni temu

    9:33 is the best

  • Xcursion
    Xcursion3 dni temu

    Here’s a very specific reason for voting this guy so I’ll vote for someone else

  • Tornado Films
    Tornado Films3 dni temu

    Hey Pewd, If you like Jubilee Videos.. PLEAASSEEEEE... GO watch the Movie " Circle (2015)"... Any one else who like Jubilee , pz go watch it....👌👌👌👌

  • Banngbro


    3 dni temu


  • enjoy 12
    enjoy 123 dni temu

    This video would be the hardest "try not to smile ever"

  • Somehow Surviving
    Somehow Surviving4 dni temu

    Where is he MrBeast episode?

  • Justine Beall
    Justine Beall4 dni temu

    Pewdiepie: yoooooooo Everyone: And I took that personally

  • schmonti
    schmonti4 dni temu

    I will forever love the story of tyler and pewd’s yo

  • Laila Eileen
    Laila Eileen4 dni temu

    The versed legal thermodynamically water because border unintentionally scatter atop a exciting exclusive syria. fine, wide trumpet

  • Militra
    Militra4 dni temu

    Jubilee: Now when I said ready Mr Alex and press down your feet you smile and write "ready" Felix: ...

  • Ravid
    Ravid4 dni temu

    9:14 😂

  • Ant177
    Ant1774 dni temu


  • Linda fearkiller
    Linda fearkiller4 dni temu

    I got a little heart jump when I heard him "GREENLAND" 😂🇬🇱... I am from Greenland,so it makes me so happy he finally mention it. Brofist! 👊

  • Hecade
    Hecade4 dni temu

    He can't run from his pewdiepie ness

  • PeeJayoo
    PeeJayoo5 dni temu

    me and timi have the same chair

  • ChrisChanty
    ChrisChanty5 dni temu

    I love the fact that Pewds laughs at his own jokes

  • JoystickNoodles
    JoystickNoodles5 dni temu

    I love everything about this video but I think my favourite part is seeing how often felix laughs at himself. it's incredible

  • Marianne Palima
    Marianne Palima5 dni temu

    I can't believe everyone on the video is 14

  • Rikititi
    Rikititi5 dni temu

    Felix: * gets kicked out in first round * BIG OOPSIE.

  • Tina NotUnlocked
    Tina NotUnlocked5 dni temu

    I cried when I saw the TARDIS

  • Tulop
    Tulop5 dni temu

    Tyler being psychic tho

  • Veenz Bjorn
    Veenz Bjorn5 dni temu


  • Tehya Watson
    Tehya Watson6 dni temu

    i think my favorite quote from this episode is still "there's no way pewdiepie has any idea what missouri is"

  • Marj Lopez
    Marj Lopez6 dni temu

    pewds ur covering nikki

  • JiyZeus
    JiyZeus6 dni temu

    This video was so cool

  • #piarate Ghost
    #piarate Ghost6 dni temu


  • Cicero
    Cicero6 dni temu

    Anolzy timi the taig 🇮🇪

  • soma tanvi
    soma tanvi7 dni temu

    Why does brendon look literally look like felix? his hair? his beard?????/

  • Tyler Mackay
    Tyler Mackay7 dni temu

    bro that's balisong trainer looked sickk

  • egg
    egg7 dni temu

    Yo tyler, why can't pewds say yo, yo?

  • ROUGE Ginkster
    ROUGE Ginkster7 dni temu

    Bro these people started watching pewds when 10-18, I started watching when 3

  • Sarkastic Chik
    Sarkastic Chik7 dni temu

    Can’t stop smiling

  • Christian the great
    Christian the great7 dni temu

    Yo Brendan lives in the same city as meee

  • Gunner Simon
    Gunner Simon7 dni temu

    So cool

  • Food Is nice
    Food Is nice7 dni temu

    Googles how to say jubilee* Still continues to say yubilee

  • Bernardo Figueiredo
    Bernardo Figueiredo7 dni temu

    Me: wanting to start watching jubilee's videos Also not wanting to spoil myself for future pewd's reacts

  • lily
    lily7 dni temu

    Didn't watch it yet but I'm rooting for the Irish lad

  • Jadaes 111
    Jadaes 1117 dni temu

    basically pewdipie winged it

  • asian man
    asian man7 dni temu

    _Nicknaming yourself "Felix" would be a ticket to pass round one, pffff._

  • God Send
    God Send7 dni temu

    Brendan did a bit of cocaine before recording

  • Burrning
    Burrning8 dni temu

    Should have nominated Felix kejllberg for the next celebrity

  • Brickabang
    Brickabang8 dni temu

    “We’ll never find the villain” The villain:

  • 凯瑟琳
    凯瑟琳8 dni temu

    i love this sm omg

  • Jonatan Hallden
    Jonatan Hallden8 dni temu

    Alex/pewdiepie: yooooooo tyler: Alex sus Alex was the imposter

  • Julian Cunningham
    Julian Cunningham8 dni temu

    U could tell Tyler was so exited to talk to Pewdiepie That was so wholesome

  • Earth Dragon Gaming
    Earth Dragon Gaming9 dni temu

    Wow nice

  • panipel
    panipel9 dni temu

    Yo PewDiePie

  • CEF
    CEF9 dni temu

    You are the brother of Bo Burnham?

  • Caleb Vaughan
    Caleb Vaughan9 dni temu

    I feel like every time someone makes a fake name it’s alex

  • InfinityNoodles
    InfinityNoodles9 dni temu

    I vould have voted the person who's name rymes with Felix litelerly Felix Alex.

  • Baker


    3 dni temu

    @InfinityNoodles the ending of the words are very similar but don’t rhyme.

  • InfinityNoodles


    5 dni temu

    And i meant sounds similar as rymes.

  • InfinityNoodles


    5 dni temu

    @Bakerwhelp for me it fu***** rymes and it makes me feel like ur saying felixio alexoso or some sh** like that.

  • Baker


    6 dni temu

    @InfinityNoodles if you’re saying it wrong then yes, this isn’t an opinion it’s a fact. They can be said in a way where they rhyme but that doesn’t mean the words rhyme.

  • InfinityNoodles


    6 dni temu

    @Baker say Alex Felix like 10 times like: Alex Felix, Alex Felix. And do that 10 times and you'll see that it rymes

  • bunny girl senpai domination, cry about it
    bunny girl senpai domination, cry about it9 dni temu

    kinda really hyped for the new season

  • Sonderex
    Sonderex10 dni temu

    I wast expecting to see the Tardis in the intro. Pretty cool to see it

  • Brendan Witt
    Brendan Witt10 dni temu

    12:22 I’lllllll take it🥰

  • Brendan Witt

    Brendan Witt

    10 dni temu

    “So cool” moment

  • Chris Chin
    Chris Chin10 dni temu

    I was watching this video thinking i was going insane because I kept hearing discord notifications but I had it opened on my computer and didnt see anything

  • Alex Shelton
    Alex Shelton10 dni temu

    maybe i am pewdiepie

  • Oooga booogggaa
    Oooga booogggaa10 dni temu

    Tyler ligit had no evidence, he just guessed.

  • Shabby
    Shabby10 dni temu

    i saw kassidy and already hate her

  • Sp3cTrA2991
    Sp3cTrA299110 dni temu

    Been watching you for 10 years but never got around to buying any merch, definitely gunna get that 110mil club t-shirt though :)

  • mud frog
    mud frog10 dni temu

    As a person that lives im Missouri it sucks

  • Rafael Senyè
    Rafael Senyè10 dni temu

    Actually Missouri is the mid west so they were right

  • Svensson Efternamn
    Svensson Efternamn10 dni temu

    Im a makup artist. Im a cheerleader. Im in highschool. Im bisexual? 🤔 🤣

  • Yguy
    Yguy10 dni temu

    Pewds: *Breathes* Everyone: YES WE GOT EM

  • Hypothetically Enov
    Hypothetically Enov10 dni temu

    notice the oculus quest 2 in the background

  • Just Your Everyday Panda with a phone
    Just Your Everyday Panda with a phone11 dni temu

    I wonder if any of these “bros” are watching this rn

  • Young Entertainment
    Young Entertainment11 dni temu

    17:20 I knew he was gonna say that lol

  • Wild Lie
    Wild Lie11 dni temu

    Me: You are the one who got me through so much by bringing a smile to my face. Felix: So cool

  • Sulochana Jayasekara
    Sulochana Jayasekara11 dni temu

    Omg cringiest and funniest pewds video ever

  • eboy kromi
    eboy kromi11 dni temu

    local pewdiepie accuses someone else of being pewdiepie

  • specgaming679
    specgaming67911 dni temu

    Uno reverse PewDiePie is actually the director

  • YouTube Channel
    YouTube Channel12 dni temu

    Fun fact : pewdiepie haven't take shower seems a month...

  • Dr. Pepper
    Dr. Pepper12 dni temu

    5:30 Pewds : "so cool" *enter* It was at this moment he knew, he fu¢ked up

  • Dr. Pepper
    Dr. Pepper12 dni temu

    2:28 Kassidy : "I know he's a bad liar" Pewds : "you just offended my entire career as a PLclipr but yes"

  • Derpalerp
    Derpalerp12 dni temu

    So Cool

  • Majin Vegeta
    Majin Vegeta12 dni temu


  • Pineapple
    Pineapple12 dni temu

    phychics are evil

  • Pineapple
    Pineapple12 dni temu

    don't say goddamn

  • Pineapple
    Pineapple12 dni temu

    don't say dammit

  • Lenny Biker
    Lenny Biker12 dni temu

    Yo Ireland got some representation let’s go

  • Kazehaya-kun?
    Kazehaya-kun?12 dni temu

    The 9, 19, 29 y/o people are all gathered here it's indeed a wholesome community and we are here to enjoy everything✋

  • César Ramos
    César Ramos12 dni temu

    7:14 LOLOLOLL

  • Pew Fun
    Pew Fun12 dni temu

    Amazing bro