Seniors Needs to be STOPPED!


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  • Ollyoxenfree
    Ollyoxenfree12 minut temu

    In every other video, they ask if they can split it and they always tell them no. But in this vid they say yes.

  • Ollyoxenfree
    Ollyoxenfree26 minut temu

    Why is it always the people who deserve it the least who think they deserve it the most? They are also very outspoken about it.

  • Ashley Beth
    Ashley Beth33 minut temu

    I'm 38 and disabled, the stigma is real 😑

  • Pranking পোলা
    Pranking পোলা56 minut temu

    I am a child of a middle class family in Bangladesh. If I could meet a good person like you, I could fulfill my hobby of buying gaming PC😢❤

  • momorie
    momorieGodzinę temu

    The thicc old lady went scubadiving (? Or was it the plane thing?) last year, she obviously can afford a vacation.

  • cecilia akerlund
    cecilia akerlundGodzinę temu

    That first guy was so sweet 🥺🥰

  • Haven DeZeeuw
    Haven DeZeeuw2 godzin temu

    They should do this again, but give the cash to the first person who got voted off.

  • Haven DeZeeuw
    Haven DeZeeuw2 godzin temu


  • Bo Thijssen
    Bo Thijssen6 godzin temu

    I dont know why I keep watching these, its infuriating

  • ThisIsACrappyUsername
    ThisIsACrappyUsername7 godzin temu

    Can we start a gofundme for the two charity guys?

  • Willam ********
    Willam ********7 godzin temu

    22:06 You mean the prime minister..? lol

  • BedHeadGaming
    BedHeadGaming9 godzin temu

    2021 pewds makes me not feel bad about my forehead

  • Dr_Cory
    Dr_Cory10 godzin temu

    Imagine: *seniors but, It’s ww3.*

  • BladeMajor
    BladeMajor11 godzin temu

    Bring all the winners together. Let them decide who gets the $1000. Then reveal there ain’t shit for prize money. True entertainment 😈

  • BladeMajor
    BladeMajor11 godzin temu

    Lady in the middle “I can say that I experienced all of what you did” (or something along those lines). You can say you’ve experienced trying to start a homeless charity type thing, having your dentures chewed up to the point of not eating normally, AND losing a child before you end up passing? I call bullshit

  • Bash Blizzard
    Bash Blizzard12 godzin temu

    I swear to god when they said think of a special number I thought of 39 then right after ken said the same thing

  • Benjamin Cho
    Benjamin Cho13 godzin temu

    I need a fridge that can store fridge. Now that's an idea.

  • Akhil Shaji
    Akhil Shaji18 godzin temu

    the first guy lived 87 years. WELL WORTH TIME SPENT ON EARTH!!

  • 2K6TURTLE _
    2K6TURTLE _19 godzin temu

    She doesnt want personal space. She wants expensive personal space.

  • Des
    Des19 godzin temu

    Good for them but I thought they weren't allowed to split the money??

  • Kyleigh Springer
    Kyleigh Springer19 godzin temu

    “ive been through a lot, i’m going through a lot-“ okay but do you have teeth? 🤨

  • foolish kai
    foolish kai20 godzin temu

    They choose the worst of people for this

  • Eman2Beast
    Eman2Beast20 godzin temu

    One thing I’ve learned from watching these videos is that the greediest and worst of people will attack those with good morals first to get what they want, mainly to benefit themselves 😒

  • Jeenie Jolie
    Jeenie Jolie20 godzin temu

    Kent's comments cramped my cheeks from all the friggin' laughing I did... I'm going to look like I'm fresh out of a botox session for the next couple of hrs.... thanks Kent!

  • Inferno
    Inferno21 godzinę temu

    I think it’s just California

  • Chum Tusk
    Chum Tusk21 godzinę temu

    bruh I wanna make a gofund me for Jennifer now. what a shitty group of women at the end

  • alexia
    alexia23 godzin temu

    Old people that are bitter are the ones that don't feel fulfilled in life.

  • Megan Noe
    Megan Noe23 godzin temu

    Okay sooo...while I definitely don't like the bitter lady in the middle that belittled everyone else's needs, I completely forgot till she mentioned grieving that she just buried a child. She said she just wants to scream. Sounds like she's the rock of her family so she hasn't had a chance to stop, take in the fact her child is gone, and proces it. I understand why she keeps saying alone time.

  • Pepperoni Chili dog
    Pepperoni Chili dogDzień temu

    This is so sad and disappointing

  • Pepperoni Chili dog
    Pepperoni Chili dogDzień temu

    That lady just wanned to tell everyone how exciting and daring she was

  • Pepperoni Chili dog
    Pepperoni Chili dogDzień temu

    And the men are both out and not complaining hahahaa

  • Victoria Lewis
    Victoria LewisDzień temu

    Pewds: There is a Korean with a double layer Ken:WHAT? Me Living in Korea: You're so behind on everything...

  • Pepperoni Chili dog
    Pepperoni Chili dogDzień temu

    Almost al the women are black

  • Pepperoni Chili dog
    Pepperoni Chili dogDzień temu

    The flower dress lady is kinda sweet. It’s funny how people become such fn wolves when a thou is at stake.

  • rainbows are a mess
    rainbows are a messDzień temu

    if she lost all her teeth in the future and found a thousand dollars would she spend it for her alone time or for her teeth. She should've asked herself that.

  • Jovan Milovac
    Jovan MilovacDzień temu

    The guy that was eliminated first voted himself out because he didnt need the money for a personal problem. First he wanted to donate to charity, and second he voted himself out so that people with worst problems would win. What a nice guy

  • Chris Liapakis
    Chris LiapakisDzień temu

    Is 12.000 per year supposed to be a low income because that in Greece you're lucky with around 9-10k

  • lauren
    laurenDzień temu

    the lady in the puffer vest reminds me of my own grandma so i kinda felt bad when she left

  • Karl Downey
    Karl DowneyDzień temu

    Typical old people. I think race was the deciding factor. The three black women wanted the three white people off first and the Hispanic lady off next.

  • Gaming_ Pal_John
    Gaming_ Pal_JohnDzień temu

    meanwhile in category *pewdiepie's tuber simulator*

  • Gaming_ Pal_John
    Gaming_ Pal_JohnDzień temu


  • Senkhai
    SenkhaiDzień temu

    i would love to see pewds, ken, jack and mark do this vids together, the collaboration thing

  • V I
    V IDzień temu

    Can just talk about the immediate disrespect. The y didn't allow the oldest guys in the room to sit on the couch. Like wtf

  • Leonardo Gindri
    Leonardo GindriDzień temu

    Ken in the Thumb!!!!!!

  • Jaycee Graf
    Jaycee GrafDzień temu

    That’s a fucking awesome fridge

  • A Ghost.
    A Ghost.Dzień temu

    When wive actually enhanced the teeth CSI style I lost it

  • A Ghost.
    A Ghost.Dzień temu

    10 wondering if there is a fridge that can go to the grocery store for you. And there is there's a fridge that can connect to Amazon and you can tell it when to order that again.

  • Codename: Woof
    Codename: WoofDzień temu

    Dont have like 6 kids and expect people to care

  • Simplyhyesu
    SimplyhyesuDzień temu

    the first man was so wholesome 🥺

  • Jared Munoz
    Jared MunozDzień temu

    That first dude was wholesome but (maybe im reaching a bit) kept having his hand behind the lady next to him

  • Constantine of Byzantium
    Constantine of ByzantiumDzień temu

    Pewds and Ken need to like make a separate collab channel cause this is just great.

  • Lauren Rosa
    Lauren RosaDzień temu

    It’s always the guys standing on the right that are the nicest and should get the money

  • lil lima bean
    lil lima beanDzień temu

    Vacation > Literal F*cking Teeth

  • Elliot Skroch
    Elliot SkrochDzień temu

    why does the most annoying person almost always make it to the end ??

  • Kiley Beardsley
    Kiley BeardsleyDzień temu

    Hey guys Jennifer has a gofundme! Just Google Jennifer gofundme teeth and it’s the first link ❤️

  • Alpha Piggy
    Alpha PiggyDzień temu

    i feel like ken and pewds are my two uncles in a family reunion making fun of everyone in the family 🤣

  • bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiuDzień temu

    Next Video: Toddlers decide who gets 1,000 dollars

  • Piece of Steven
    Piece of StevenDzień temu

    My mom never gives me money lol she gets mine

  • Ima Baddie
    Ima BaddieDzień temu

    "I've never had any happiness" "You don't love your 5 kids?"

  • BlåMeese
    BlåMeeseDzień temu

    How is 41 senior?!!! My dad's 44!

  • Ima Baddie
    Ima BaddieDzień temu

    Mom: your lil friends can't sleep over My friends: 24:59

  • Ima Baddie

    Ima Baddie

    Dzień temu

    @bodoti qwiu ok but do u like my joke

  • bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiu

    Dzień temu

    This WHOLE video is WHY govt welfare is so terrible. The money goes to those who know how to game the system. It rarely actually goes to those who need it. The teeth lady

  • Garv Patel
    Garv PatelDzień temu

    hold up do you just say pause to being sad

  • The super Doge
    The super DogeDzień temu

    I love the 2 guys take on the "most daring" situation, imma start incorporating that into my mentality

  • Brittany Long
    Brittany LongDzień temu

    These all aggravate me so bad. It’s just whoever is the meanest, most manipulative, or talks the loudest gets the money at pretty much every age. The kindest, quietest, most honest, and most deserving never get it.

  • ZL_HockeyDawg_YT
    ZL_HockeyDawg_YTDzień temu

    They all have a sob story they would be great on agt

  • Kat
    KatDzień temu

    The end just 👌👌👌👌💯💯

  • Rayne Morrison
    Rayne MorrisonDzień temu

    personal space for me, a single mom, is a 10-minute shower, going to the bathroom, and however long my kid decides to nap for.

  • Silent A
    Silent ADzień temu

    I think the ending of these videos should end with the person last getting nothing. And the people voted out get money.

  • R. D.
    R. D.Dzień temu

    Man, these two youtubers make a good synergy with each other. They should do a podcast.

  • Goose
    GooseDzień temu

    Al was so nice man

  • Goose
    GooseDzień temu

    Lady in the middle knew her problems were the least important so she tried to downplay everyone else and change the game. SMH MY HEAD

  • Super Eagle Entertainment
    Super Eagle EntertainmentDzień temu

    Great content, thank you!

  • The BIG Rant
    The BIG RantDzień temu

    The woman on the left wanted to go to Arizona to grieve her son, the woman in the middle just had no reason at all

  • Elizabeth Turner
    Elizabeth TurnerDzień temu

    Jennifer might have been disabled by working in Alaska. Those are usually dangerous jobs. And as a dental hygienist, having teeth is a very BASIC survival need, like the ability to eat is one of the very bottom FIRST needs that need to be satisfied. Alone time is like much higher up in Maslow's hierarchy of needs. She literally can't eat so many things.

  • Jennesa Darling
    Jennesa DarlingDzień temu

    The known channel traditionally wait because birth pathogenetically encourage pace a unarmed alcohol. flimsy, boundless soil

  • MrJr
    MrJrDzień temu

    This WHOLE video is WHY govt welfare is so terrible. The money goes to those who know how to game the system. It rarely actually goes to those who need it. The teeth lady actually got the money from people WILLING to see their money go to something with tangible results. I'm not saying gofundme is the best option either. I'm just saying that giving people money should be a personal process not a systematic one.

  • Young Blood
    Young BloodDzień temu

    Jubilee- YOU CAN'T SPLIT THE MONEY also Jubilee- if you all agree to split the money . . .

  • Young Blood
    Young BloodDzień temu

    Those bitches at the bottom have NOTHING that they can spend their money on that I could even consider a NEED. So they just didn't want to make the whole thing casual and turn it into a game to earn the money since they knew they were not going to win any other way.

  • SkyWing Production
    SkyWing ProductionDzień temu

    last three needed to be vote off first they evil

  • Wren Rambles
    Wren RamblesDzień temu

    i haven't finished the video yet, but i'm at the final three. i just really hope that one lady doesn't get the money. you know which one i mean. personal space lady is just selfish. what's preventing her from being alone and living her life. is she on disability? is she homeless? her shoes are pretty nice, so is it not a money issue? she didn't even say what she was gonna do with it really. EDIT: okay she redeemed herself a little by dropping out... i hope she finds her alone time.

  • Frankco
    FrankcoDzień temu

    Yes they need to do a famous you tubers decide

  • Shan Baker
    Shan BakerDzień temu

    I wonder what would happen if they had homeless people debate on who gets $1,000

  • Kermit Promo
    Kermit PromoDzień temu

    The lonely wrench unlikely search because carpenter genetically turn next a plausible beetle. weary, sad seeder

  • kaniphish
    kaniphishDzień temu

    5:52 And minimum wage workers all over the world flinched, when Felix, in a surprised way, said: _"12.000$ a year? she lives off 1000 dollar a month?"_

  • Daniela Msr

    Daniela Msr

    8 godzin temu

    $12k honestly sounds impossibly low. I don’t know how she does it. I’m pretty sure that’s lower than minimum wage even. Unless her property is paid off and shes getting food stamps i would think shed be out of money on rent and utilities alone. Maybe a little food but not much.

  • A L
    A LDzień temu

    Don’t know where ken is from in the U.S but he’s not lying about old people & their taxes. Not a single family event goes by that I don’t hear about it.

  • liahsaurus rex
    liahsaurus rexDzień temu

    28:00 they are giving off big popular girl group at school vibes

  • Faqe Paqe
    Faqe PaqeDzień temu

    The one in the middle says you need personal time before you lose your mind but I bet you she 100% does not believe in therapy 🙄

  • Jonah Alberg
    Jonah AlbergDzień temu

    waiting on that 1000 to 1 youtubers edition

  • Emily Eliza
    Emily ElizaDzień temu

    7:25 ... he mentioned One Piece, as in the anime right? I was literally just searching up Luffy and Zoro pics (to draw lol) when he said it,,, ironic lmfao

  • Evan Hough
    Evan HoughDzień temu

    Pewdiepie Coca Cola sponsorship???

  • Kylie McFerrin
    Kylie McFerrinDzień temu

    I don't like the fawning "Arena Fan" dude with his embarrassing cat ears but was soldiering through the video despite him until his chest pubes entered the picture. Ugh. Anyway, at the least the comments are entertaining.

  • Galaxy Bear
    Galaxy BearDzień temu

    This is pitiful.

  • Keri Bowman
    Keri BowmanDzień temu

    Me when they ask how we should decide "let's just sit still and contemplate our soon to be nonexistent life then vote randomly."

  • Angela Stone
    Angela StoneDzień temu

    I cringed so hard from this that I turned inside out!

  • Madeleine Gabriel Lemay
    Madeleine Gabriel Lemay2 dni temu

    Those three ladies were so rude and mean it's really disheartening :( I hope maybe someone who see's the video can help out the kind lady who needs teeth

  • Idc


    20 godzin temu

    Her son made a go fund me and she got her teeth 🦷

  • Eli Malek
    Eli Malek2 dni temu

    The woman sitting in the middle was so rude and all she needed was “me time” and u don’t need a grand for that.

  • Levi G
    Levi G2 dni temu

    At the beginning i thought he said “we’ve done, Adulticide”

  • xxoul xxeller
    xxoul xxeller2 dni temu

    not a lot of diversity in this one

  • Sweet Tea And Family
    Sweet Tea And Family2 dni temu

    These older people are bigger bullies than other age groups.The needy lady should have gotten the money for dentistry .

  • Anano Liparteliani
    Anano Liparteliani2 dni temu

    just a reminder these 2 are married