Try Not Laugh, But Loser has to Sing *ft Jackepticeye


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  • Dream DARK MODE
    Dream DARK MODE29 minut temu

    I wish I watched this video earlier so that I could hear the music before they got copyrighted but no PLclip RECOMMENDED IT 2 WEEKS LATER

  • Tommy
    TommyGodzinę temu

    Pewdiepie’s vids get more and more boring look at this dudes subscriber to views ratio 😂

  • XxPros21OnlyxX leo
    XxPros21OnlyxX leo6 godzin temu

    the panda one killed me 😂😂😂

  • Ali Yaser
    Ali Yaser6 godzin temu


  • Jazzy Key
    Jazzy Key10 godzin temu

    Has anybody noticed pewds is the most subscribed PLclip channel but his merch is actually at a decent price

  • sand
    sand14 godzin temu

    That kid refused let the thing go.

  • Pat Milk
    Pat Milk17 godzin temu

    Jack may have won this round, but the war is not over.

  • Bradley flint
    Bradley flint17 godzin temu

    so there is not even a punishment if its just between each other, thats like hyping up destroying something then throwing it in a pool, why even

  • José Pinto
    José Pinto19 godzin temu

    I was still jamming to it even though Copyright got the music out

  • Small FloW
    Small FloW19 godzin temu

    Why is their humor so weird and weak

  • Cindy Juntunen
    Cindy Juntunen20 godzin temu

    The fact that IKEA broke him..

  • Your Local Kable-Kun
    Your Local Kable-Kun20 godzin temu

    Jack: Look under your dad's beard Me: *grabs the urn on my shelf and opens it* i dont see a egg, dad. Where's the egg?

  • Sakib Ahmed
    Sakib Ahmed23 godzin temu

    Gaan ae copyright khaise😂

  • Alyssa_the _Noodle
    Alyssa_the _NoodleDzień temu

    I wish people had wings, everyone would get into better shape if they could fly. Or if you where too heavy to fly, it would be an insensitive to get healthy lol

  • Morgan
    MorganDzień temu

    PLclip advertisements rickrolled me right as Felix asked what song he was singing. Well played, PLclip. Well played

  • Aaron Aaron
    Aaron AaronDzień temu

    A Leprechaun WOULD want to teleport JACK!..... We're on to you.....🧐

  • fgteev duddy
    fgteev duddyDzień temu


  • Brayden Huse
    Brayden HuseDzień temu

    Pewds cmon Man U don’t need money on dis 😢

    ITS YA BOIDzień temu

    Some little kids kept staring at me I think cause my mask has anime teeth or something so I just kept crossing my eyes at them because anytime we happened to be in the same aisle they would stare me down. I make faces when kids stare at me so either they'll freak out and stop staring or they'll laugh and I'll be happy either way lol

    ITS YA BOIDzień temu

    Please video Edgar losing his shit over the TV Pewds it sounds adorable and hilarious😂

  • Yamas Pjamas
    Yamas PjamasDzień temu

    Perfect due

  • taniaa .k
    taniaa .kDzień temu

    One of the lucky one to hear pewds sing before it got removed gang

  • Ryan Neal
    Ryan NealDzień temu

    Honestly I had a stare-off once against the baby, won, and just silently fist pumped myself.

  • brian hudson
    brian hudsonDzień temu

    Wants his life to to work out perfectly all the time? Like the movie Luck of the Irish? **looks at Jack

  • Alex Castellanos
    Alex CastellanosDzień temu

    I’m so lucky I watched this video like the minute it came out because now you can’t hear Felix’s perfect voice lol.

  • Fangz
    FangzDzień temu

    Love the mute

  • Jim Lahey
    Jim LaheyDzień temu

    How is the movie The Mummy "cringe"? It's a good movie. Awkward ppl find everything cringe

  • t3mperamental
    t3mperamentalDzień temu

    Watched this entire video to see who lost and hear someone sing, and then the copyright police silenced the entire ending. Instant thumbs down

  • BrunCitron
    BrunCitronDzień temu

    A lit cigaret cannot ignite propane or gasoline/diesel for that matter. One of the gascans would have to have a leak for gas to be released. Even if the valve does release gas there are safety measures built into the can so it doesn't do much harm if it catches fire. Most of the time you should be able to smother the flame with a towel or t-shirt. Under normal circumstances gascans don't explode like in the movies.

  • Noah Dusek
    Noah Dusek2 dni temu

    18:45 he doesn’t just get women..... He gets America 👏🇺🇸

  • Shaurya Bansod
    Shaurya Bansod2 dni temu

    Can I upload a video no audio and give him a copyright claim on it???

  • Ernieca Edwin
    Ernieca Edwin2 dni temu

    The cat with the mask tho... where can I find the video?? i want it

  • Electric Animations
    Electric Animations2 dni temu

    I come back to enjoy pewds singing. I am greeted with silence.

  • MoshiNu
    MoshiNu2 dni temu

    Went to rewatch and thought there was something wrong with my phone when the audio cut out

  • Oh Kun
    Oh Kun2 dni temu

    these puppies so cute~

  • Taylor Cochran
    Taylor Cochran2 dni temu

    Me : takes bite of food. Pewds : ya check your dad's a** Me : chokes while cackling very unprepared

  • DUDRUSH powerforce
    DUDRUSH powerforce2 dni temu

    "thanks Sive, your a real Jeep"

  • scrappydoofan
    scrappydoofan2 dni temu

    I love the collaaaaaaaaabs!!!

  • Stephen Dias
    Stephen Dias2 dni temu

    Felix sucks at this game, he thinks about something related that is funny and thus laughs.

  • T Duiker
    T Duiker2 dni temu

    Goddamn copyright infringement. Now i cant hear pewds sing ...

  • not god z
    not god z3 dni temu

    Ksi vs pweds Ksi: hahahahahahaahah

  • trav v
    trav v3 dni temu

    The original The Mummy is a great film though.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous3 dni temu

    bruhh, copyright is annoying!!!

  • Jekyll Nelligan
    Jekyll Nelligan3 dni temu

    If I had three wishes, elemental powers, flying, and probably to be consistently healthy

  • -_SHARK_ -
    -_SHARK_ -3 dni temu

    Everyone when Jack looses and doesn't sing an Irish tap dancing song

  • • AR • Productions
    • AR • Productions3 dni temu

    Okay that was a fucking lame end to the video

  • BrokenGlass
    BrokenGlass3 dni temu

    well that was anti-climactic

  • Sutan Fariz Azizie
    Sutan Fariz Azizie3 dni temu

    This entire video is a rickroll

  • LordCucumber
    LordCucumber4 dni temu

    cool waited 20 minutes for silence, i want my money back

  • LordCucumber
    LordCucumber4 dni temu

    markiplier collab when?

  • Nima Amini
    Nima Amini4 dni temu

    Old friends

  • Kraft Bouyardee
    Kraft Bouyardee4 dni temu

    Me rewinding it like 3 times to see if my phone was broke when the copy write hit

  • Maybe I am Nano?
    Maybe I am Nano?4 dni temu

    Shower one seems legit.

  • Sarthak sharma
    Sarthak sharma4 dni temu

    YT Copyright got me scammed

  • Erif The fox
    Erif The fox4 dni temu

    The husk by ring of saturn

  • Nathan Mayne
    Nathan Mayne4 dni temu

    Wait... sives black?🤔 My man

  • Crazmoon 2099
    Crazmoon 20994 dni temu

    2:21 The perfect time to pause

  • Pedro Nunes
    Pedro Nunes4 dni temu

    WHY CANT WE LISTEN TO IT? Disapointed

  • Peace Serafino
    Peace Serafino4 dni temu

    I like how they're pretending the reason they muted it was because of copyright strikes 🤔😂 jk

  • Vegito Blue
    Vegito Blue4 dni temu


  • Raina Terhujah
    Raina Terhujah4 dni temu

    I don't shower to

  • adam harmouch
    adam harmouch4 dni temu

    6:50 wait Jack has a baby?

  • nicolas hoskins
    nicolas hoskins4 dni temu

    you just see sean dancing to felix singing

    CGE-TALK5 dni temu

    guy dont use this subreddit its like cringe store

  • The_confused_triangle _
    The_confused_triangle _5 dni temu

    You coward cut the adio!

  • Ricky Trader
    Ricky Trader5 dni temu

    Me seeing it before he cut the music: Also me: How could you done this to floor gang

  • Thunder Strike
    Thunder Strike5 dni temu

    man youtube is just rude theyre having fun singin in muted one

  • Zippity Zoop
    Zippity Zoop5 dni temu

    We all got to just imagine their voices

  • nicolás sáez
    nicolás sáez5 dni temu

    mute on

  • meiting ly
    meiting ly5 dni temu

    what's the point *sing? ;-;

  • Rainbow Note
    Rainbow Note5 dni temu

    7:50 *its the worm*

  • JayDaPug Pug
    JayDaPug Pug5 dni temu

    I never knew pewdiepie was worse at try not to laugh then jack and he makes meme time!!!

  • Suryansh thakur
    Suryansh thakur5 dni temu

    Pewds just upload a separate video of you singing and Jack vibin please

  • FrankNsteinGtr
    FrankNsteinGtr5 dni temu

    Pewdiepie I am here to write a review of this video. The video was enticing it was mesmerizing and seeing you and jack's energy was amazing. Sive and his editing really tied it together. I was disappointed to see you cut out the ending of audio. So I shall leave this a bad review on yelp. Say good bye to your high yelp score.

  • Sharfin Islam
    Sharfin Islam5 dni temu

    I felt like I was watching a party from the window when Felix started singing

  • no
    no5 dni temu

    Why are his lips as red as mars?

  • YaboiAngel
    YaboiAngel5 dni temu

    They really got copyrighted that’s why it’s silent at the end xD

  • Sara Ganim
    Sara Ganim5 dni temu

    Good PewDiePie 👍👍👍👍😍😍🌹

  • Creation Specialist
    Creation Specialist6 dni temu

    thats how you make americans proud nothing like flames and a shit ton of gas ,

  • Prinempal
    Prinempal6 dni temu

    cant hear music? whaaaaaaat?!

  • Lady Dimitrescu
    Lady Dimitrescu6 dni temu

    Hi Felix and jack

  • Alex Robinson
    Alex Robinson6 dni temu

    i feel scammed i better see you singing that with sound somewhere soon buddy, or mark my words i shall break a spoon

  • gacha Mick:hd
    gacha Mick:hd6 dni temu

    Basically one of the two reasons I watched this was to ✨ H E A R✨ one sing welp-

  • Hree
    Hree6 dni temu

    Play dont starve together with jack or ken :D

  • Shreyas Suresh Kadaiah
    Shreyas Suresh Kadaiah6 dni temu

    Pewds did us dirty 😭

  • Ian Combs
    Ian Combs6 dni temu

    1998 Mummy is dope

  • Joog_blue _god
    Joog_blue _god6 dni temu

    Best youtubers/friends

  • LayzMan
    LayzMan6 dni temu

    Türk yokmu qu

  • Danilo F.
    Danilo F.6 dni temu

    13:04 I've never though that a video from my country would appear in a video of pewds.

  • Forget
    Forget6 dni temu

    What's the name of the track at 16:17 ?

  • KING Vincent Arch Craven XIII
    KING Vincent Arch Craven XIII6 dni temu

    Since when did they start muting Never gonna give you up? That’s messed up, I get copywriter rules but the internet is responsible for bringing that song back. I have been noticing the song being used more in mainstream media. So I wonder if that why? And if it’s the singer or the company that owns the song.

  • Seren Loves cats
    Seren Loves cats6 dni temu

    I would've had him sing bitch lasonia

  • B W
    B W6 dni temu

    16:48 that’s just how them woodpeckers be, Jack

  • yadda yadda yadda
    yadda yadda yadda7 dni temu

    The Mummy is a good movie

  • Death KillR091
    Death KillR0917 dni temu

    Jack be like: IM chopin' wood baby chopin' wood

  • Datch7035
    Datch70357 dni temu

    110 million subs: barely 5% watch the videos

  • Nat Wanna Play
    Nat Wanna Play7 dni temu

    21:12 " Ask to be copyright fr--- " Good job

  • Arihanth Sivakumar
    Arihanth Sivakumar7 dni temu

    Muted the copyright part

  • jemen jover
    jemen jover7 dni temu

    Perfectly cut scream lyly please with jacky

  • Judgernaut
    Judgernaut7 dni temu

    Could have replaced the audio in the song with like nails on chalkboard or a kid crying