Tik Tok is Cringe


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  • Xniol
    XniolGodzinę temu

    4:12 almost lost my money! XD google woke up

  • Roxana Zamfirescu
    Roxana Zamfirescu3 godzin temu

    OMG !!! I actually have that mole on my arm too, what the frick...

    TRUE WEEB5 godzin temu

    no shit sherlock

  • Gustas N
    Gustas N5 godzin temu

    i dont watch anime and i dont watch i dont know what is it 5:17

  • spectralsoul
    spectralsoul6 godzin temu

    Dude Terror in resonance is good you should give it a try

  • Siva Deadly PERSUIT
    Siva Deadly PERSUIT7 godzin temu

    dudeeee this guy is controlling my alexa geniussssssssss

  • Siva Deadly PERSUIT

    Siva Deadly PERSUIT

    7 godzin temu

    and made me buy pewdiepie merch

  • Justice gavazzi
    Justice gavazzi7 godzin temu

    girls can drive you can't drive

  • Dont read my banner!

    Dont read my banner!

    14 minut temu

    Girls cant

  • hunter's videos
    hunter's videos8 godzin temu

    "Tik Tok is cringe" Always has been

  • qadri rulzdood
    qadri rulzdood9 godzin temu

    That freckle shīt is real..I have it too on my right arm. Wth lol

  • kracc bacc 2
    kracc bacc 211 godzin temu


  • Delnar Quides
    Delnar Quides13 godzin temu

    It's Cole Sprouse. He looks just like Roomie, bruuuh 😂

  • Family Three
    Family Three14 godzin temu

    if you go back in time to before you was born wouldnt it just be blackness? i mean i wouldnt be born.

  • dino
    dino15 godzin temu

    Dogs are made out of dogs

  • Jasmine Nguyen
    Jasmine Nguyen18 godzin temu

    Water is wet

  • Noah Tärnfors
    Noah Tärnfors20 godzin temu

    7.04 its like star wars, someone planted it there and soon we will executed all our closest

  • MTPolo
    MTPolo20 godzin temu

    I have that mole too, lole

  • Halwen Greenleaf
    Halwen Greenleaf21 godzinę temu

    You triggered my google lmfao

  • odd ode
    odd ode23 godzin temu

    Pewds calling out david dobrik :)))

  • ANAS
    ANAS23 godzin temu

    U r not funny either

    AN IRISH POTATODzień temu

    I did not just see an anime of 9/11

  • Anton Nygårds
    Anton NygårdsDzień temu

    dont be sad ninja

  • Rasyid Tsany
    Rasyid TsanyDzień temu

    tik-tok is cringe,but my ad still tik-tok

  • non - identical
    non - identicalDzień temu

    Not gonna lie this song is fire 7:38 , anyone who the name.

  • Sam Nizam
    Sam NizamDzień temu


  • evan griffith
    evan griffithDzień temu

    The dull art unfortunatly save because conifer appropriately peep past a tranquil sphynx. moldy, stimulating mitten

  • Mathew Isla
    Mathew IslaDzień temu

    Daym felix just 11/10

  • HelpImCripple
    HelpImCrippleDzień temu

    Zankyou no Terror is amazing, short and sweet. I'd recommend it 100% to any anime fans who haven't watched it you won't be disappointed!

  • Oversimplified Fan
    Oversimplified FanDzień temu

    The sky is orsnge

  • Hood Jigsaw
    Hood JigsawDzień temu

    You think your content reacting to these things is entertaining when it’s generally the masses’ thoughts on a crappy tik tok. I just don’t see value in making fun of someone when you can spend time improving on yourself. As contradictory as it might sound, I can’t handle seeing this on my feed daily.

  • satte
    satteDzień temu

    i cant wait wait till the end

  • The Butcher BSG
    The Butcher BSGDzień temu

    i think people forget that the water is about 6 times lower when they first start building dams

  • Rinzler D
    Rinzler DDzień temu

    Ray doing tiktoks... That's so low...

  • Libby Lolit
    Libby LolitDzień temu

    Erased is BEAUTIFUL SIR

  • Daniel Popovici
    Daniel PopoviciDzień temu

    6:20 to 6:36

  • A K
    A KDzień temu

    we need a pewdiepie philisophy vidd!!!!

  • John Blanton
    John BlantonDzień temu

    7:10 wait wtf i also have it

  • kaos55480
    kaos55480Dzień temu

    When he saw he had the same freckle

  • sonicz gaming
    sonicz gamingDzień temu

    when he said hey google buy pewdiepie merch my google picked it up

  • Edwin Mendez
    Edwin MendezDzień temu

    Just gonna say Erased is a 10

  • D R i c k r a f t
    D R i c k r a f t2 dni temu

    Don't need to watch the video, the title is enough for a like.

  • Jonah Pittman
    Jonah Pittman2 dni temu

    stop hating on Karl

  • 808japa
    808japa2 dni temu

    Pewdiepie is cringe now😐

  • Mihnea Enache
    Mihnea Enache2 dni temu

    ciorba DE LEGUME

  • T0mat0S0up
    T0mat0S0up2 dni temu

    I have the same freckle/mole.

  • Vikas Arsid
    Vikas Arsid2 dni temu

    Indian tiktok please

  • Vikas Arsid

    Vikas Arsid

    2 dni temu

    @Kim Taehyung 😂😂

  • Kim Taehyung

    Kim Taehyung

    2 dni temu

    @Vikas Arsid Pakistan is better

  • Kim Taehyung

    Kim Taehyung

    2 dni temu

    @Vikas Arsid Wha the

  • Vikas Arsid

    Vikas Arsid

    2 dni temu

    @Kim Taehyung I know it doesn't mean anything to response but, even I want to enjoy some controversy 😂

  • Vikas Arsid

    Vikas Arsid

    2 dni temu

    @Kim Taehyung we are living fine here...

  • -pizza time-
    -pizza time-2 dni temu


  • El Mantishrimp
    El Mantishrimp2 dni temu

    I get more enjoyment put of the comment sections in tiktok than the videos themselves

  • JokerTricks34
    JokerTricks342 dni temu

    I don't have that mark on my arm, guess I'm made in China

  • Jakarii Eason
    Jakarii Eason2 dni temu

    The curious transaction gully trot because believe remarkably waste after a magnificent hobbies. lame, unique trowel

  • AHK Gaming Official
    AHK Gaming Official2 dni temu

    Honestly i love Karl

  • snapie boi
    snapie boi2 dni temu

    educational channel owner, the most educating thing is when he throws the katana at his feet

  • tyra lagerberg
    tyra lagerberg2 dni temu

    karl's got pewds to protect him from the haters with his samurai sword now

  • Solo Hybr1d
    Solo Hybr1d2 dni temu

    People die when they are killed

  • giorgi shengelaia
    giorgi shengelaia2 dni temu

    Editing in this video is very nice.

  • Daniel OwO
    Daniel OwO2 dni temu

    I has a mole at that spot on my right arm 😂 not on the left. Maybe I'm SSR

  • Cinoz
    Cinoz2 dni temu

    5:43 Thats definitely from Facebook

  • Izzah Shahril
    Izzah Shahril2 dni temu

    the mole thnik hahahahhahah

  • Super intense Minecraft player
    Super intense Minecraft player2 dni temu

    I'm surprised death note wasn't in that girl's 10/10 list. it would for me

  • Berry Smartpants
    Berry Smartpants3 dni temu

    9:53 ... ye i tweeted him not to be sad... i expect to see tousends more to come.. XDDD RAID NINJAS TWEETER! XDD

  • CodeOfAllTrades
    CodeOfAllTrades3 dni temu

    Ok what's the deal with this dang freckle!? Why do most all of us have it? Anyone know the real reason? Lol

  • Yaudah Iya
    Yaudah Iya3 dni temu

    Mantap pudidi

  • Status
    Status3 dni temu

    Love from India

  • Aj Palencia
    Aj Palencia3 dni temu

    Don’t like this comment unless ur pewdiepie

  • Izaiah Stonehocker
    Izaiah Stonehocker3 dni temu

    I have a freckle there to 🤯

  • Anna
    Anna3 dni temu

    pewds your fyp is so dry omg

  • Gabriel A. Ramos Rainone
    Gabriel A. Ramos Rainone3 dni temu

    What flcl poster is that? 🤔🤔 low key awesome

  • maemi
    maemi3 dni temu

    How he have never seen terror in resonance!??

  • i am a person
    i am a person3 dni temu

    hey erased desreves that 10/10

  • Cydrew Games

    Cydrew Games

    3 dni temu

    And I'll rate it a 7/10

  • Dani Foxx
    Dani Foxx3 dni temu

    But I’m a girl... I have freckle just above👀

  • Pixility
    Pixility3 dni temu

    10:40 No... Not Coca Cola cherry GOD NO

  • Ernesto Ojeda
    Ernesto Ojeda3 dni temu

    The floor is made out of floor

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy3 dni temu

    Why did he lose 15M sub I am sad

  • HeyBusters
    HeyBusters3 dni temu

    When you realize you have the mole on your arm in the same place everyone else has it

  • Sah Bobson
    Sah Bobson3 dni temu

    i got that fuckin freckle too... what the fuck

  • Jason Bates
    Jason Bates3 dni temu

    The Hoover Dam one made me die inside. "I dont care what nerdy architect stuff goes into that, its physically impossible" like what

  • Sophie Robertson-Titus
    Sophie Robertson-Titus3 dni temu

    "what're you gona do with that alcohol david?" LMAOOO

  • Trimzy FN
    Trimzy FN3 dni temu

    U wear cat ears why tf are u talking

  • Lucifer.
    Lucifer.3 dni temu


  • Lars Lionheart
    Lars Lionheart3 dni temu

    I actually have the fucking freckle too Fuck I can’t believe we were all artificial humans this entire time

  • Fyckshit SPYDA
    Fyckshit SPYDA3 dni temu

    Best thing about the dam vid is he said “idc what nerdy stuff u have to say how do you build this” so an explanation u don’t care about the answer to your question

  • Sis meme ganG
    Sis meme ganG4 dni temu

    "We al live in a simulation and Elon Musk has created it" -Poods, 2021

  • JetonΔΕΛΤΑ
    JetonΔΕΛΤΑ4 dni temu

    Everyone here is a judgemental fuck, let kids have fun jeez

    zIMFUGL4 dni temu

    Virtual World, srsly that reaction was f hilarious man.. Made my day, shoutout from Nårge mannen

    JC CRUZ4 dni temu

    "Tik tok is cringe" thats why over 110M ppl is subbed to him

  • Sofia Gaspar
    Sofia Gaspar4 dni temu

    when he realizes he has the same dot on his arm edit: me realizing that i have the same dot and im a girl, hmmmm

  • SophieSteph
    SophieSteph4 dni temu

    I’m spose to be doing my hw but I can’t stop watching pewdie pie

  • Rich S
    Rich S4 dni temu

    My respect for Pew went up after watching this

  • Hazy
    Hazy4 dni temu

    10:56 my respect just went up for you by alot :D

  • Aditi Utekar
    Aditi Utekar5 dni temu

    that forehead oily as sheeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttttttt

  • Kaila _girl307
    Kaila _girl3075 dni temu

    😂 this is the quality I needed to see today

  • Georg S.
    Georg S.5 dni temu

    „Tiktok is cringe“ „At night it‘s colder than outside“

  • Sunny Dand
    Sunny Dand5 dni temu

    T - Series

  • diavolo deserves better
    diavolo deserves better5 dni temu


  • Chaotism
    Chaotism5 dni temu

    i can excuse boku no pico but which mfer above the age of 13 gives zankyou no terror a 10

  • Chaotism


    5 dni temu

    gave it a 9 but i was 14 when it came out, and the older i got the worse it seems compared to other things

  • EnzoPlayz YT
    EnzoPlayz YT6 dni temu

    Let’s see how many subs I can get from from this comment Current subs: 46

  • Skunkman69


    5 dni temu

    0. A comment won't get you shit

  • dayumbro
    dayumbro6 dni temu

    Since the word cringe has been discovered, he uses it a lot.... Is cringe his favorite word or what? Xd

  • Edrian Cruz
    Edrian Cruz6 dni temu

    Pewdiepie looks a drug addict

  • Rina
    Rina6 dni temu

    I'm female and I have that mole on my arm too 😳

  • Jessica Draper
    Jessica Draper6 dni temu

    beavers been doin the dam since before the Dam. Damn.

  • boing boing
    boing boing6 dni temu

    dont be ad ninya