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  • Jakeplaysroblox
    Jakeplaysroblox18 minut temu

    11:00 thats how Saitama lost his hair.

  • Jacob’s Here
    Jacob’s HereGodzinę temu

    I’m 8 and I can carry 180lb

  • unionfire
    unionfireGodzinę temu

    The things I ''collected'' as a kid were cute and pretty images... Most of it were food items in Neopets XD Also emoticons (still image and moving). I'm weird lol

  • NotDragon Balz
    NotDragon BalzGodzinę temu

    Wholesome episode

  • Buddyboltgaming
    BuddyboltgamingGodzinę temu

    What will the parents do when the kids are 20 and have back problems

  • iifishy headii
    iifishy headii2 godzin temu

    Imagine getting smacked by that Dad

  • Ethan Oliver
    Ethan Oliver3 godzin temu

    "The whole family eats 10 dozen eggs every week" 10 x 12 = 120, 'nick eats 12 eggs every day' 7 x 12 = 72, 120 - 72 = 48, 48 / 3 = 16, 16 / 7 = 2.29 eggs per day = Non-impressive egg intake other than nick

  • Ilikecheeseandurugly101
    Ilikecheeseandurugly1016 godzin temu

    I think your reactions are the best

  • Summer Oberes
    Summer Oberes7 godzin temu

    Felix, I'm being honest here but I've drank coffee since i was 5.

  • DARK Swagger
    DARK Swagger9 godzin temu

    From the thumbnail i thought it was goldberg Lmaoo

  • Xavy Rivera
    Xavy Rivera10 godzin temu

    alright ima start watching one tire man

  • wowshiii!!!!!!!!!!
    wowshiii!!!!!!!!!!10 godzin temu

    11 year old can do a 130 bar while I can barley do 110

  • chimkin nungets
    chimkin nungets11 godzin temu

    I feel like the 11 year old would have a huge ego because of this

  • mona rose
    mona rose12 godzin temu

    I collect bananas

  • moniva75
    moniva7512 godzin temu

    Title should be "easily distracted by real or fake dogs"

  • ShilohTheGold
    ShilohTheGold13 godzin temu

    Pewdiepie What’s up

  • G0atWhor3
    G0atWhor314 godzin temu

    Why did I expected the cat ears to stay on when he took his headphones off 🤔

  • jamie LeBlanc
    jamie LeBlanc14 godzin temu

    I didn’t collect lures, I collected rocks, don’t know why I just think they’re neat

  • Zenkazi Music
    Zenkazi Music15 godzin temu

    You guys all seem to be neglecting the fact that 'strong' doesn't = 'stronk'

  • Boi Pancake
    Boi Pancake15 godzin temu

    10:59 he some how didn’t understand the one punch man reference

  • K1ng
    K1ng16 godzin temu

    I'm getting a bully vibe on the kid

  • No No
    No No16 godzin temu

    Imagine working out 240 hours every 7 days

  • BRYTE Kru
    BRYTE Kru16 godzin temu

    Also I'm sure roids cause hair loss but I'm pretty sure the dad naturally lost his hair. He doesn't look like a roid head at all he really looks all natural tbh.

  • BRYTE Kru
    BRYTE Kru16 godzin temu

    I hope drop clan is joking for real. The scary part is that drop clan most likely isn't joking and he's just pumped he can out lift a strong little kid.

  • Mumu bitch
    Mumu bitch16 godzin temu

    The kid- hey mom i want some money to buy 3000 lure to make a you tube video like mr beast

  • lolEpicgamers
    lolEpicgamers17 godzin temu

    pokemon cards. pst. get out of my league.

  • CroakBroke
    CroakBroke18 godzin temu

    bruh the kid does 10 kg at 2:00 and the voice over is like " he routinely deadlifts 130lbs" you can see on the sides of the weights lmao

  • Marko
    Marko18 godzin temu

    When kids in albabia has better toys than the kid with the tires

  • ITS ME
    ITS ME18 godzin temu


  • Grayson Zambrana
    Grayson Zambrana19 godzin temu

    When the 11 year old says my mom can beat up your dad hes not joking.

  • Baboon
    Baboon20 godzin temu

    just because they got muscles and shit doesent mean theyre strong s m h

  • Mohan Nathan
    Mohan Nathan20 godzin temu

    i pushed a monster truck

  • Ava L
    Ava L21 godzinę temu

    that kid don't say "my dad can beat up ur dad" he says "I could beat up ur dad"😳

  • Somethingisdoggy
    Somethingisdoggy21 godzinę temu

    Everybody gangsta until there is family that is stronger

    TOXIC Z22 godzin temu

    That 11 year old kid drank coffee??!!, kids can’t drink coffee it is dangerous for them, plus there eyes so small lol

  • Rice has mice
    Rice has mice23 godzin temu

    Felix imma need you to stfu about the energy drink collecting ☺️ let me think I’m cool for a minute

  • Read Siege
    Read Siege23 godzin temu

    Aryan superchads love it

  • Haiden :sucks:
    Haiden :sucks:Dzień temu

    This man can make a 4 minutes to 7 minutes 😂

  • Laura Miller
    Laura MillerDzień temu

    I’m just saying I don’t like you (joke)

    MARK DUROTANDzień temu

    damn boy he thichhhh

  • dideng montero
    dideng monteroDzień temu

    Imagine u r too stronk but u have a piii (smal) brain

  • Lion Angel
    Lion AngelDzień temu

    Then you see Eddie hall pulling a fucking tank

  • Super Donut
    Super DonutDzień temu

    i really wanna buy the pewds headphones it just looks amazing

  • Stone Holmes
    Stone HolmesDzień temu

    11:02 dude its one punch man story all over again

  • Karl Downey
    Karl DowneyDzień temu

    Bodybuilders > Strongmen

  • Karl Downey
    Karl DowneyDzień temu

    Gyms are for bodybuilders. Strongmen are annoying because they'll spend an hour on a bench to do a 1 rep max. I fully support Strongmen & Powerlifters being banned. Train at home with your own equipment lol

  • logical
    logicalDzień temu

    i just watched a video about a big snake now im scared

  • Neal Moon
    Neal MoonDzień temu

    Bruh im 8 and can carry my bike and a wayt bruh fake

  • Mons Røtzer
    Mons RøtzerDzień temu

    Drop Clan I actually lifted a tire when I was small Unfortunately it was a lego tire

  • Lalabunny Bunbun
    Lalabunny BunbunDzień temu

    I can feel the baby fever

  • Neddy Fishing
    Neddy FishingDzień temu

    Personally I’m a fisherman, and if they sold all of those it would be about 20,000 to 50,000 dollars

  • Thanos Ape64
    Thanos Ape64Dzień temu

    Bruh little girl it could be the biggest and coolest bait lor :the girl it’s not pink: Spray Paint’s it :what color you ask O yea pink

  • Kylie Pizanie
    Kylie PizanieDzień temu

    I collected rocks and bottle caps 😑

  • Adria Nicolle
    Adria NicolleDzień temu

    The festive thursday simultaneously own because appliance legally occur as a ambitious anethesiologist. abusive, handsomely transmission

  • CosmicLaugh
    CosmicLaughDzień temu

    Imagine breaking the heart of that mans daughter.

  • Red Hyper
    Red HyperDzień temu

    If you want to crack ur back just do a 1 arm pushup and fail it like pewdiepie

  • Rayku22
    Rayku22Dzień temu

    omfg i did have a huge collection of energy drink cans hahahaha and i also had the pokemon card collection, maybe im secretly pewdiepie hahaha

  • Landen Ho
    Landen HoDzień temu

    1:40 240 hours =10 days of training in a week= 10 day in 7 days

  • Cam Uhlman
    Cam UhlmanDzień temu


  • Young_Bobby_Official
    Young_Bobby_OfficialDzień temu

    It’s not “my dad can beat up your dad” with these kids it’s “I can beat up your dad”

  • Ngozi Onye
    Ngozi OnyeDzień temu

    It is not a regular day you see someone move a truck

  • Samuel Garcia
    Samuel GarciaDzień temu

    Did they tack there kids to the gym maybe that's why they got kicked from the gym.

  • Lucas Kelso
    Lucas KelsoDzień temu

    16:17 The thing in the top right ruined the moment

  • dirt dreams
    dirt dreamsDzień temu

    12thousend and His grandoare has like 13 Trofis its like 1m.00073

  • Anime Girl-17
    Anime Girl-17Dzień temu

    Pewdiepie says introduc this girl to KPop:me YEES DO IT😂

  • ally beh
    ally behDzień temu

    Felix reaction 5:03

  • Benjamin Cho
    Benjamin ChoDzień temu

    All I collected during my childhood was loneliness and sadness.

  • Ninja Giffy
    Ninja GiffyDzień temu

    Little Girl: I like Pink cus Pink is Cool and Pink is Pink. Also i have a hobby of fishing but i dont Say i like pink every second

  • beau miller
    beau millerDzień temu

    what my addiction is hunting

  • Dany Giron
    Dany GironDzień temu

    the fact the dad form the strongest family moved a car is carzey because i can barely grab 2 milk galons that my mom would by form a store

  • Meetböll
    MeetböllDzień temu

    1:35 "up to 240 hours each week" something's wrong here, I can feel it

  • Hq5
    Hq5Dzień temu

    Wow it’s pink who knew?

  • SlytherInDA
    SlytherInDA2 dni temu

    is dylan still a douche?

  • Ali A
    Ali A2 dni temu

    That kid has so many lures but no fishing poles lol 😂

  • Rainbow Kangaroo & Rainbow Shog Leon
    Rainbow Kangaroo & Rainbow Shog Leon2 dni temu

    Hej då means bye on Swedish

  • AE29 entertainment
    AE29 entertainment2 dni temu

    2:24 bros gonna have back problems when he is 14 with that shitty form

  • a curious boy
    a curious boy2 dni temu

    who needs to do all this harsh training, just do: 100 pushups 100 sit ups 100 squats 10 km run 24/7 thats all u need

    ELEMENT PLAYS2 dni temu

    240 hours each week

  • Georgios Dimos
    Georgios Dimos2 dni temu

    the fact that people are proud of little things but they are also pink......

  • Justine Llaga
    Justine Llaga2 dni temu

    One punch man be like haahahahaahahahahahahahhaaaahahahahahahahahahahaaahahahahahah

  • DracoMZMH
    DracoMZMH2 dni temu

    1:34 10 days in a week, seems legit

  • Ethan Rusby ER
    Ethan Rusby ER2 dni temu

    Fed walkes up. The feds out cold cold

  • josh kai
    josh kai2 dni temu

    1:34 240 hours a week??? Yoy train 10 days a week? You're so strong you broke time?

  • Cole Hurd
    Cole Hurd2 dni temu

    Not lying in the worlds strongest family one when nick said he was 5,3 130 when he was in high school or something like that today I am 11 years 4,11 110 pounds

  • Nicholas Lopez
    Nicholas Lopez2 dni temu

    Sophomore year I was 130 I'm 28 now and Im 145, had a huge growth squirt sometime

  • Hundred Sinner
    Hundred Sinner2 dni temu

    That tiny girl has got biceps

  • The Hoodie
    The Hoodie2 dni temu

    I still collect energy drinks

  • Logan Macleod
    Logan Macleod2 dni temu

    The thing is that the kid would be stronger than his dad because he started in high school but were I live his son would be in primary school

  • [PR] Impreza
    [PR] Impreza2 dni temu

    I think have the world record for the most sleep deprivation. Any High-School student would agree

  • Kodi Mclaughlin
    Kodi Mclaughlin2 dni temu

    My friend got in for ducking loom bands 😂🤣🤣 loom band longest loom band jebus

  • Olivia Holland
    Olivia Holland2 dni temu

    "Kpop" shows the cover of one of Corpses songs

  • Nite Lite
    Nite Lite2 dni temu

    You can’t work out 240 hours a week it’s not possible

  • %???
    %???2 dni temu


  • eventspredetermined
    eventspredetermined2 dni temu

    ah yes kpop korpse pop my favorite edit- also damn 10 dozen eggs a week?? how much is their fucking grocery bill usdhivahds

  • rauhan ahmed
    rauhan ahmed2 dni temu


  • The Chad
    The Chad2 dni temu

    Hey! I am a huge fan of yours and was listening to this on the road. I hit a deer and probably totaled my car. Want to help me out Pewdiepie?

  • Alan Gallagher
    Alan Gallagher2 dni temu

    I collected old and rare coins and am as lazy as a sloth

  • Tommy Haas
    Tommy Haas2 dni temu

    Can we talk about the fact that they eat 10 dozen a week in a there eating over 360 eggs a month

  • Derpy Pizza
    Derpy Pizza2 dni temu

    1:33 There aren't even 240 hours in a week...

  • Karson Johnson
    Karson Johnson2 dni temu

    For short very funny a million times xd