Woman Addicted to Eating Matressess


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  • Janet Agüero
    Janet AgüeroGodzinę temu

    PewDiePie making harm reduction recommendations 👍

  • Faustist
    Faustist2 godzin temu

    Yup. My mom tends to get sulfur burps "aka sour stomach" and Christ almighty she's disgusting and stinks up the whole house.

  • Tavle
    Tavle3 godzin temu

    trodde det stod: woman addicted to eating ~matrester~

  • Mico Laurence Dela Cruz
    Mico Laurence Dela Cruz3 godzin temu

    Hey no wonder she looks like a matress

  • Sleepy Suffle
    Sleepy Suffle4 godzin temu

    Actually how does it taste. 🙃

  • It's Jaye
    It's Jaye6 godzin temu


  • Lapak DIY Official
    Lapak DIY Official6 godzin temu

    please help me extinguish the red guys, still very beginner

  • Stankye
    Stankye6 godzin temu

    Why is her brother puff daddy

  • GippyHappy
    GippyHappy6 godzin temu

    Dang I wanna eat some pretty fries now.

  • Dell96kill
    Dell96kill7 godzin temu

    man... these people are lucky not born in Asian

    RAKA CETTA8 godzin temu

    dude imagine her digestive system is dry af

  • Lyam Chassie
    Lyam Chassie9 godzin temu

    Anyone else suddenly get hungry while watching this?

  • Angelscandy
    Angelscandy9 godzin temu

    The fry girl is me because I'maalso picky with fries. I'm not addicted to them, but I'm pretty picky with my fries. I'm sure other people are like this too. Crispy fry ganggg

  • Įţş_mə_şhąđøw
    Įţş_mə_şhąđøw9 godzin temu

    You could say she has a RICH diet Get it? *Because mattresses are expensive*

  • Svndwich
    Svndwich9 godzin temu

    My dog has the same issue as them but she eats cat shit

  • Svndwich
    Svndwich10 godzin temu

    Water beds have a weight limit

  • I like Bread
    I like Bread10 godzin temu

    You don't eat your mattress? Weird

  • Jet Hawk
    Jet Hawk10 godzin temu

    Her momma looks like she’s eating mattress too

  • Dr_Cory
    Dr_Cory10 godzin temu

    Imagine: *Eating a mattress*

  • Dracky Dog
    Dracky Dog11 godzin temu

    tlc being the learning channel your learning what not to do

  • Big Dick
    Big Dick12 godzin temu

    Actually my dogs used to chew up my mattress and eat the chunks. I’d later find slightly darker mattress foam in my yard. Even stomach acid strong enough to digest bone doesn’t break down that shit effectively. Also I bet she doesn’t even need to wipe because it does it for her on the way out XD

  • Knox Luxford
    Knox Luxford12 godzin temu

    25:20 it is like her gingerbread house

  • Eve Carmichael
    Eve Carmichael12 godzin temu

    Hi, I’m Eve and I’m addicted to not eating things that aren’t supposed to go in my body.

  • Autumn Raye
    Autumn Raye12 godzin temu

    I unknowingly had my airpods at 100% volume and the intro just-

  • kevin miller
    kevin miller13 godzin temu

    Sulfur burps are the worst

  • kevin miller
    kevin miller13 godzin temu

    Pica is crazy

  • chiccflicc
    chiccflicc13 godzin temu

    I really think it’s trauma related... as opposed to just pica. She needs counseling I’m sure she can get killed from eating that :/

  • Dat boi is Da homie
    Dat boi is Da homie14 godzin temu

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that all the people on tlc are super humans because they haven’t died yet

  • Mia A
    Mia A15 godzin temu

    But like, how did she end up with this issue, like how did it start?

  • Killjoy- Chan
    Killjoy- Chan15 godzin temu

    I actually love how pewds is always so respectful and doesn't immediately try and bash someone for having these unusual difficulties and instead actually educates himself and goes about it in a non-judgmental and empathetic way, be like pewds everybody :)

  • Zoey Fang
    Zoey Fang16 godzin temu

    im still confused how shes not dead yet

  • mrsatanknows
    mrsatanknows17 godzin temu

    okay but why is the video inverted

  • Mikołaj Kosma
    Mikołaj Kosma18 godzin temu

    Nord VPN is like always at 70% off but you have to pay upfront everything, VPN is a good thing but they make it look like scam

  • Maddox Obregon
    Maddox Obregon18 godzin temu

    I bet I could get 1K likes because I commented on PewDiePie's video!

  • Almira Krasniqi
    Almira Krasniqi18 godzin temu

    Is she eating matresses or Is she eating sponge-

  • Max Plays
    Max Plays18 godzin temu

    the people that have to repair the dry wall every fr time: i cant anymore...I JUST CANT

  • hellrunxcsp ¡
    hellrunxcsp ¡19 godzin temu


  • Juan-Pierre Giezen
    Juan-Pierre Giezen19 godzin temu

    as a kid sometimes I used to starve because I'm from a poor family, and even I don't eat shit like that, although I do now eat an abnormal amount of food

  • grogeory Rooose
    grogeory Rooose20 godzin temu


  • Chris M
    Chris M20 godzin temu

    imagine you go in your room to sleep and just fall on the floor because the mattress is gone!

  • sid *
    sid *21 godzinę temu

    i developed ARFID (avoidant restrictive food intake disorder) at a young age from drugs, i stopped eating food/forgot to eat food. since then i have extremeeeeee food anxiety and it takes a lot for me to have a full meal a day. french fry girl is definitely going through the same effect

  • sid *
    sid *22 godzin temu

    the french fry girl probably has ARFID, ive been diagnosed since i was 15 and she shows a lot of similar food struggles/anxieties that people with ARFID go through. theres days where all I can eat is bread and water

  • Emm Katt
    Emm Katt22 godzin temu

    They sell those cushions at walmart cheap asf, she doesn’t need to buy a whole mattress to satisfy her urge

  • The Isaksen Legend
    The Isaksen Legend23 godzin temu

    Pewds laugh could be the joker

    ADAM ALAMEDDINE23 godzin temu

    What is up with these vodka peaple eating matresses and sand and plastic, if that we shoud be using these shits for recycling

  • Anti-Simp
    Anti-SimpDzień temu

    Hide spongebob

  • ww
    wwDzień temu

    And thus, this is how spongebob was created.

  • Aykhan Jalilbayli
    Aykhan JalilbayliDzień temu

    "these people" oof...



  • Nazain Bahadur
    Nazain BahadurDzień temu

    This is scaring me😳😳😳🤪

  • Parva thy
    Parva thyDzień temu

    That's same time charcoal is addicted to many people's Please make a video of charcoal addiction

  • Leolin Naidoo
    Leolin NaidooDzień temu

    I can relate to the that lady eating dry wall drywall and cement taste and feel do good

  • Karl Downey
    Karl DowneyDzień temu

    I'm assuming there's a lot of calories in mattress foam...

  • Huginn & Muninn
    Huginn & MuninnDzień temu

    Imagine giving a matress or a drywall to the French fries girl. Bon apetit !

  • sub
    subDzień temu

    This video was unexpectedly wholesome

  • Ytber battles
    Ytber battlesDzień temu

    Anybody else get the mattress ad 😂

  • Der Traffy
    Der TraffyDzień temu


  • VK2532
    VK2532Dzień temu

    LOL To her the whole house is like that witch's candy house XD

  • Mafia
    MafiaDzień temu

    Does anyone else want the old PewDiePie logo with the head and red and black swirls

  • Sanna Landström
    Sanna LandströmDzień temu

    Vart från man ens idén att smaka på sin Madrass 🤣🤣

  • 0 sdrowrof
    0 sdrowrofDzień temu

    Thats a lot of mattresses

  • Javelin Valle
    Javelin ValleDzień temu


  • HH
    HHDzień temu

    You’ve grown pew.

  • Chris Bailey
    Chris BaileyDzień temu

    Can you imagine needing a new chair. " hey Jennifer, you gotta shit yet?"

  • Gabe Gaming27
    Gabe Gaming27Dzień temu

    Please watch the jaboody dubs video on this

  • Mace Widnu
    Mace WidnuDzień temu

    How many calories are in a mattress?

  • Noeli Aguirre - Olivas
    Noeli Aguirre - OlivasDzień temu

    The jaboody dubs of this TLC episode is gold 👍🏼

  • Keshav Cinu
    Keshav CinuDzień temu

    Pewds do more of these kind of vids with ken

  • JunnyTheKid
    JunnyTheKidDzień temu

    Bites into a snickers PEWDIEPIE: thats a soft crunchy texture 1:50 👀👀👀

  • Indian Tech Support
    Indian Tech SupportDzień temu


  • J H
    J HDzień temu

    Tell me you have Depression induced Hypersomnia meets Eating Disorder without saying Depression induced Hypersomnia meets Eating Disorder?

  • Occboc
    OccbocDzień temu

    Pewds be reading like that one dude in class that reads so slowly so it takes for ever and you can’t help but correct him so it goes faster

  • Taoist Viking
    Taoist VikingDzień temu

    i always think, if youre gonna eat things that are that bad for you, just eat junk food. too much taco bell tastes better than too much drywall. both are bad for you, but one is more enjoyable and cheaper right? edit: id eat drywall before papa johns tho

  • YouGotRekt :/
    YouGotRekt :/Dzień temu

    Now we have proof that eating a mattress makes you built like one

  • James Nowell
    James NowellDzień temu

    This lady be lookin like a mattress herself

  • Zander Thompson
    Zander ThompsonDzień temu

    Nudah video of this is fire

  • Talyor Smith
    Talyor SmithDzień temu

    The teeny cockroach encouragingly punch because interest conjecturally disagree including a tender tense chicken. available, receptive religion

  • Sprite_ just_Sprite
    Sprite_ just_SpriteDzień temu

    its good for her that food doesent get down because she will get less fat if it doesent

  • ReptonStatistics
    ReptonStatisticsDzień temu

    I thought she was addicted to eating McDonalds

  • mathew banales
    mathew banalesDzień temu

    Like a ...fart in my mouth *nods*

  • LKD 70
    LKD 70Dzień temu

    Inb4 CNN: "pewdiepie fatphobe confirmed"

  • TaeJae
    TaeJaeDzień temu

    that girl acting like she doesnt know it doesnt get digested

  • Alexander Wagner
    Alexander WagnerDzień temu

    I'll bet that she is comfortable to sit on LOL

  • TaeJae
    TaeJaeDzień temu

    that girl becoming a whole ass mattress

  • Sadie Everette
    Sadie EveretteDzień temu

    I mean a lot of it is really mental. I can be eating broccoli in something else and then gag because I realize there's broccoli in it

  • Owen Bainter
    Owen BainterDzień temu

    Why is it always girls?

  • albin998
    albin998Dzień temu

    this just reminds me of Sam O'nella's video about tarrare

  • poststars.
    poststars.Dzień temu

    wow she really did get blue eating a blue fry :(

  • poststars.
    poststars.Dzień temu

    she ain't lying they are good :D

  • neon is cool
    neon is coolDzień temu

    hate to be that guy but mattresses has two T's

  • TheManiac
    TheManiacDzień temu

    4:11 "Mostly in, maybe" why did this make me laugh so hard

  • herobrine x 2.0
    herobrine x 2.0Dzień temu

    The fry lady: gimmi fries Mcdonalds: we're all out The fry lady: I WANT FRIES

  • Hannah Mallory
    Hannah MalloryDzień temu

    The rainbow fries remind me of the time Felix talked about the green potatoes. 😂

  • Zion Matthews
    Zion MatthewsDzień temu

    My cousin is weird she eats one bite of food and says I'm full

  • MrKolaCraft
    MrKolaCraftDzień temu

    today I learned that we have a HUGE variety of mental illnesses

  • Yummy Taco’s
    Yummy Taco’sDzień temu

    mattresses have an excellent source of protein

  • Abe Ori
    Abe OriDzień temu

    Im disturbed 😬😨

  • Oli Zembry
    Oli ZembryDzień temu

    So when we are discussing the French fry girl its important to be knowledgeable about an eating disorder (which I have) called ARFID. I'm not saying this is what she has but it could be an explanation. ARFID stands for avoidant restrictive food intake disorder. That means things like texture, smells, taste, look, ect could make you feel like a food is inedible. As if it werent actually real digestible food. It has nothing to do with body image, rather our brains being wired in a way to send alerts to the rest of our body to tell it dont eat that. We like consistancy in our foods so if something tastes or feels slightly different everytime we order it, we will probably not order it anymore even if we like the dish when it's made the right way. I tend to stick with chicken tenders and fries if I'm out to a new restaurant or a friends house or work because most places have them and they're ALWAYS the same. Slight variation but not to the degree of something like a pizza. ARFID is not solely connected to Autism but it does have a significant link to it as a lot of autistic people, such as myself, deal with ARFID. I've not found any treatment available for me and doing things on my own takes time. A lot of people judge me so I lie and say I already ate or I'm not hungry when out with acquaintances because I dont want the "you eat like a child" reaction. I've lived with this my entire life, I'm 23 now. It hasnt gotten better in my opinion, I've just switched what foods I can eat a bit. When I was younger I could eat things like mashed potatoes and corn on the cob and now I cant. But I also couldnt eat eggs, anything spicy, or seaweed when i was a kid but now I love it. Tastes and safe foods change but I still have about the same amount of safe foods. It's very complicated to date someone without ARFID when you try to plan meals together. They usually want something other than my usual chicken, pizza, steak, or burgers. I also cant eat anything that's not fresh and hot. Which causes me to buy food sometimes and not get to eat it in time and have wasted the money. Or seeing food I like but it's not the right temperature or something very slight is offputting about it to me and I just have to go hungry. Obviously snack foods like beef jerky and crackers are my favorite bc they dont change and can be eaten on a longer time frame. I definitely would be the first to die in an end of the world situation simply from starvation.

  • Valentiniy
    ValentiniyDzień temu

    dump hair all over her mattress and boom she'll stop

  • J kH
    J kHDzień temu

    Who the fuck is recording her while she's stealing and eating the mattresses? I mean, the one recording isn't stopping her. It's weird. The fuck😭😭