Rick Astley Hosts Meme Review 👏👏


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  • Ilan Ifthiqar
    Ilan Ifthiqar8 godzin temu

    Ppl clicking a second after clicking on this video... Where Rick Astley

  • Antisal
    AntisalDzień temu

    I clicked on this thinking that Rick Astley actually were hosting meme review- What is this clickbait.

  • Frances Kaufmann
    Frances KaufmannDzień temu


  • Just A Robloxian Guy
    Just A Robloxian Guy3 dni temu


  • Lizandro Becerra
    Lizandro Becerra3 dni temu

    Sean co-hosting I happy

  • Zay_ Gamer
    Zay_ Gamer4 dni temu

  • JX_A
    JX_A4 dni temu


  • Haris adam Isradzi
    Haris adam Isradzi5 dni temu

    what if pewds adopts a real sven?

  • IV4N RiVeRa
    IV4N RiVeRa5 dni temu

    Yoooo! It Was 3 weeks Ago Already?!😂 Damn I've Been Busy I thought it Was Yesterday when It Notified me

  • Bryan Cabanes
    Bryan Cabanes5 dni temu

    everyone gangsta until the guy actually felt felix's kiss on the forhead

  • Peace Blocks
    Peace Blocks6 dni temu


  • greeg
    greeg6 dni temu

    does anyone know how to get into pewdipies reddit for lway edit:bruh I didn't ask for likes

  • GamerJuice YT
    GamerJuice YT6 dni temu

    It's all fun and games until people start creating more and more villagers

  • Antasma1
    Antasma16 dni temu


  • Ali Almuhannadi
    Ali Almuhannadi6 dni temu

    I stole that kiss on the forehead

  • Al Ali Abdullah
    Al Ali Abdullah6 dni temu

    i spat too when he said shake on it

  • Kirill Danilov
    Kirill Danilov7 dni temu

    11:41 you don't need to spit on your hand for real

  • ChrisJBT
    ChrisJBT8 dni temu

    But... the vikings also lived in the UK.

  • ChrisJBT


    8 dni temu

    ​@JustPro XYT Yes? They invaded and settled there. This is more or less the exact same argument Felix makes in the video.

  • JustPro XYT

    JustPro XYT

    8 dni temu


    HIROSHIBA9 dni temu

    I'm not gonna lie I feel like Felix is slowly evolving into Ozzy Osbourne

  • Achal Bilung
    Achal Bilung9 dni temu

    come on pewds do one sideman sunday video

  • AZHBruh
    AZHBruh9 dni temu


    ЕНОТИК NEW9 dni temu

    Привет я русский

  • Spooked Skeletal
    Spooked Skeletal9 dni temu

    So that was a fuckin lie

  • I Love Harpic and Clorox
    I Love Harpic and Clorox10 dni temu

    Things were going normal but then after that he started singing "never gonna give you up"

  • eizile
    eizile10 dni temu

    11:45 ...jerome valeska?

  • HinaCabina
    HinaCabina10 dni temu

    Havent seen rick in years on this site 😳

  • Bimberek
    Bimberek10 dni temu

    POV: You are checking if he actually did.

  • cr81d
    cr81d10 dni temu

    1:36 "you guys don't understand vikings" adds helmet with horns.

  • Mr_Foxx Superbud7
    Mr_Foxx Superbud711 dni temu

    His name is literally pew, die pie.

  • Alyx the Neko vlogger
    Alyx the Neko vlogger11 dni temu

    2:34 😳😳😳🤭🤤🏃🏻OMG Felix you married Baka!! 😳

  • RogueStar_1
    RogueStar_111 dni temu

    Washington post be like: Alt-Right PLclipr Pewdiepie is misogynistic and came out as bisexual.

  • enzo ozne
    enzo ozne11 dni temu

    Clickbait !!

  • Prajaktha Mallya
    Prajaktha Mallya11 dni temu

    That last "Friday's with pewdiepie" sounded like the kulning from frozen 2

  • DPLive
    DPLive12 dni temu

    lol he really spit for the shake

  • Abdullah Nurhussein
    Abdullah Nurhussein12 dni temu


  • Brian Aguilar
    Brian Aguilar12 dni temu

    Did i really got a tseries advertisement in Pewdiepie video?

  • Logan Dauphinee
    Logan Dauphinee12 dni temu

    13:04 Jack's fans: *do you have 90 minutes?*

  • Xpertbrad
    Xpertbrad12 dni temu

    As he kissed I received a fkin noti😂😂

  • Heath Crayton
    Heath Crayton12 dni temu

    "can we get a 3D print and i'll cut it? that would be sick" I HAVE BEEN SUMMONED!

  • JasonKinsey Gianfelice
    JasonKinsey Gianfelice12 dni temu

    Edgar looks so old

  • Andrew C
    Andrew C12 dni temu

    7:16 when your pc barely fits the minimum requirements

  • GrumbleGamer 18
    GrumbleGamer 1812 dni temu

    What street is the Pewdiepie billboard up on in Toronto?

  • Bc Games
    Bc Games12 dni temu

    I just bought premium quality chair I guess

  • Gekko Midnight
    Gekko Midnight13 dni temu

    Fazerug giving ps5s to someone he knew. There i said it.

  • Adittya Mittal
    Adittya Mittal13 dni temu

    7:16 i almost died lmaoooooo

  • XzR_Zenith?
    XzR_Zenith?13 dni temu

    Somehow dizasta music/joji watch this video

  • ponychann
    ponychann13 dni temu


  • lao sheng老盛
    lao sheng老盛13 dni temu


  • Itsyaboyscott
    Itsyaboyscott13 dni temu

    At like 7 minutes he got rick rolled by the music box

  • sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty

    13 dni temu


  • mySuperShow
    mySuperShow13 dni temu

    who is missing edgar

  • NaTiOnAL AnThEm
    NaTiOnAL AnThEm13 dni temu

    I stopped watching for like a week or two and he has a sword and Rick astley on lwiay...and it's not even lwiay anymore...it's fridays with pewdiepie again??

  • Dragon ball Luke
    Dragon ball Luke13 dni temu

    Who else waiting for the mrbeast and PewDiePie Collab

  • Trees4Life
    Trees4Life13 dni temu

    I’m dying at the fact that at 11,45 u can see a bit of saliva drip of his hand that goes completely unnoticed. xD

  • Dominic Zibuda
    Dominic Zibuda13 dni temu

    11:51 this makes me feel like I'm making a deal with the devil

  • You will see me everywhere
    You will see me everywhere13 dni temu

    Pewds has legs

  • kc
    kc13 dni temu

    dude, we just got played…

  • Avox SE
    Avox SE13 dni temu

    CRINGE!!!!!!! EvErYoNe KnOwS vIkInG hElMeTs DiDnT hAvE hOrNs!

  • emily yogev
    emily yogev13 dni temu

    he didnt even relise it was a rickroll 6:45

  • Clickbaitisreal 2
    Clickbaitisreal 213 dni temu

    The swords are great swords but it might be considered a long sword but I think it's borderline greatsword

  • phantom stone
    phantom stone13 dni temu

    200m pewds will make a pewdiepie amusementpark

  • Quinnforthewin
    Quinnforthewin14 dni temu

    You called?

    MODERN TECH14 dni temu

    I got T-series's ad in pewds video the irony.

  • Angelo Julian
    Angelo Julian14 dni temu

    It’s a routine for me to like pewds video before during or after watching the video 👊🏻

  • Leni Gamer
    Leni Gamer14 dni temu


  • Joaquin Gj
    Joaquin Gj14 dni temu

    At some point pewds has to say something about puggle when ppl say he’s mistreating Edgar

  • ShonenSmoke
    ShonenSmoke14 dni temu

    Pure clickbait

  • Khryztian Bucal
    Khryztian Bucal14 dni temu

    9:59 did the entire room just move

  • Jackson Speechley
    Jackson Speechley14 dni temu

    my waching it on 144p

  • Laura Christine
    Laura Christine14 dni temu

    Sometimes he sounds like Beetlejuice

  • Enrique Montenegro
    Enrique Montenegro14 dni temu

    clickbait but still amazing content

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon14 dni temu

    i love the part where Rick Astley hosted Meme Review in this video

  • Track Thor
    Track Thor15 dni temu

    *clickbait* Kappa

  • Henry Davis
    Henry Davis15 dni temu

    no they raid everything because they liked to

  • qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon

    14 dni temu

    Dude did you guys know that people are actually making normal videos and posting them on pornhub!!! The other day someone literally showed a video of a guy playing Bo3!!

  • TheDestiny
    TheDestiny15 dni temu

    Is it me or is pewds growing grey hair?

  • Twitch LOver
    Twitch LOver15 dni temu


  • Luminite
    Luminite15 dni temu

    I like the intro

  • GoGameZZ
    GoGameZZ15 dni temu

    Rickrolls will never die,I have a group thats keeping it alive,and its going strong

  • Flynn Swanson
    Flynn Swanson15 dni temu

    i just looked up how many people use youtube daily and its around 122 mil so i think it would be awesome if we got him to 12 mil more subs

  • Lucy deners
    Lucy deners15 dni temu


  • Jonathan Avila
    Jonathan Avila15 dni temu

    That movie is from Spiderman

  • Enderman
    Enderman15 dni temu

    hold up what's this new "Clip" feature

  • VroomVroom :3
    VroomVroom :315 dni temu

    That knife spin looked straight outta csgo

  • Muhammad Ragat Siregar
    Muhammad Ragat Siregar15 dni temu

    In a day,there was 1m people get rickrolled

    PROJAS15 dni temu

    1692338 time clickbaited on pewdiepie channel

  • ㄥㄩ匚丨千乇尺
    ㄥㄩ匚丨千乇尺15 dni temu

    No pewds are you clickbaiting us because if so that’s a little cheap but eh he didn’t host meme review but still gonna drop that like my dude

  • Damion Rhodes
    Damion Rhodes16 dni temu

    Came for the 80's.. Left because I remembered why I do not like this channel..

  • Call Me Tags
    Call Me Tags16 dni temu

    I hath been clickbaited

  • Rasmus Hansen
    Rasmus Hansen16 dni temu

    dude when pewds and his editor highfived i just knew the it was better then any of marks highfives

  • Big OofYT
    Big OofYT16 dni temu

    Dude did you guys know that people are actually making normal videos and posting them on pornhub!!! The other day someone literally showed a video of a guy playing Bo3!!!

  • Big OofYT

    Big OofYT

    15 dni temu

    @Big Smoke hey man, it was shown to me. I have strange friends. But dude was tearing it up though. I think it's because pornhub doesnt have super strict ToS.

  • Big Smoke

    Big Smoke

    15 dni temu

    How the fuck did you knew that XD

  • slime pickles
    slime pickles16 dni temu

    dude that knive thing he did at 32 secs was sick

  • Derek Janssen
    Derek Janssen16 dni temu


  • Mr. Obvious
    Mr. Obvious16 dni temu

    So where's Rick Astley ?

  • meepswag35
    meepswag3516 dni temu

    Hey did you know that Vikings is a verb?

  • Gavin Inthavong
    Gavin Inthavong16 dni temu

    We just gonna ignore that knife flip

  • Ronald Espino Almeyda
    Ronald Espino Almeyda16 dni temu

    Become An Hero?

  • Sofia Bacharach
    Sofia Bacharach16 dni temu

    rick Ashley is the meme

  • uchiha_ daryoush
    uchiha_ daryoush16 dni temu

    My lonely ass at 3 am: puts forehead on screen so Felix can kiss me

  • under
    under16 dni temu

    I better not get rick rolled

  • Mateus Vieira
    Mateus Vieira16 dni temu

    hihihi he kissed my forehead

  • Sir Gerald
    Sir Gerald16 dni temu

    Hey realms actually work really well