Mr Beast... I am SO SORRY! - LWIAY #00152


this is so sad bros
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  • Nemesis Ackerman
    Nemesis Ackerman48 minut temu

    Luckily I downloaded coco melon disstrack video

    GAMING WITH ARSH8 godzin temu

    This part was funny 13:50

  • Aiko Ozumi
    Aiko Ozumi16 godzin temu

    2.5M views actually says 2.8 million big difference

  • Abdullah Jamal
    Abdullah JamalDzień temu

    Breaking news cocmelon reached 109 million everybody subscribe to pewdepie

  • Mas Au
    Mas AuDzień temu

    You'll be #1 again

  • REX
    REXDzień temu

    For those who here looking for saiman says 3:20

  • Jocelyn Gonzalez
    Jocelyn GonzalezDzień temu

    Jesus is coming soon repent and turn to Jesus before it’s too late

  • AryanPeram
    AryanPeramDzień temu

    I don't know why I don't watch pewdiepie freshes

  • Paul Gill
    Paul Gill2 dni temu

    Sub to pewdiepie

  • Wretched
    Wretched2 dni temu

    I feel bad for the guy who edits your vids that has to block all the S words

    PRAJWAL N K 8 E2 dni temu

    Waiting for beast comment

  • Hussein JIL
    Hussein JIL2 dni temu

    Whyyyy did you betray mr beast whyyyyyy

  • Abhinav Rawat
    Abhinav Rawat2 dni temu

    T series is best

  • MATH
    MATH2 dni temu


  • Ozωi
    Ozωi2 dni temu

    1million away from pewds F in the cchat bois

  • Ava Dupuis
    Ava Dupuis3 dni temu

    should i sub to pewDiepie ?

  • Stefan Lim Santoso 1827031
    Stefan Lim Santoso 18270313 dni temu

    Pwed i love yor videos:)😃

  • رضاوي الخزاعي
    رضاوي الخزاعي3 dni temu


  • Ana-Maria
    Ana-Maria4 dni temu

    How heavy is the 10 kilo? Um...ten kilo

  • saad audall
    saad audall4 dni temu

    pewdiepie you are the best youtuber but why did you betrayed mrbeast he is my favourite youtuber but your first

  • Levi Andrea Ciccone
    Levi Andrea Ciccone4 dni temu

    lets all put likes to ALL PEWDIEPIE VIDEOS so he can be more famous

  • Aston Trevor Pedraja
    Aston Trevor Pedraja5 dni temu

    Hey bro mr beast is making ads and billboard that says subcribe to pewdiepie ans unsubcribe to t series

    DANTE5 dni temu


  • Night Panther Minecraft
    Night Panther Minecraft5 dni temu

    8:11 Release date for the Mr Beast Diss Track?

  • Trxustz1
    Trxustz15 dni temu


  • Andrew Jones
    Andrew Jones6 dni temu

    3:30 minutes in asks if he can keep glasses the guy asks for them back its called indian giving its a thing

  • Jayraj Jadhav
    Jayraj Jadhav6 dni temu

    Who are you ?

  • Mr Beast
    Mr Beast6 dni temu


  • Arnavpreet Sandhu
    Arnavpreet Sandhu6 dni temu

    12:35 aight ima take it home.

  • Keri Evans
    Keri Evans6 dni temu

    I wonder how heavy a 10 kilo water bottle is???

  • Le Tien
    Le Tien6 dni temu

    I like your videos pewdiepie

  • Simon Williams
    Simon Williams7 dni temu

    hey bros my names simon... can... can i get those glasses???

  • Mateo Gomez De Los Rios
    Mateo Gomez De Los Rios7 dni temu

    you cant wear a no legs gang tshirt in colombia unless you have steped on a antipersonal mine planted bi the guerrillas

  • Isabella Gerling
    Isabella Gerling7 dni temu

    Bad words 😭

  • Karate Gaming
    Karate Gaming7 dni temu

    I watched coco

    XMXM GAMER YT8 dni temu

    PewDiePie u are my lasagna

    ARYAN J8 dni temu

    1st song was better

  • ImperiaL Bruh ꪜ
    ImperiaL Bruh ꪜ8 dni temu


  • The Gaming Lord
    The Gaming Lord8 dni temu

    Cocomelon will prevail

  • Hashir Qamar
    Hashir Qamar8 dni temu

    Hate from mr beast

  • The Ninja bird

    The Ninja bird

    3 dni temu

    Shut up

  • jiujames cortes
    jiujames cortes9 dni temu

    Hmmm...... Mr.PewDiePie is similar to Gura_Chan how they talk except for Gura_Chan she didn't say F**k U know what I mean.

  • jiujames cortes

    jiujames cortes

    9 dni temu

    Don't Worry You're Cool.

  • Blink x Army
    Blink x Army9 dni temu

    I saw the video anyone wants the link?

  • Young Sheldon
    Young Sheldon9 dni temu

    Still looking for mr beast comment

  • NobbeadJC Plays
    NobbeadJC Plays9 dni temu


  • BlazeCraft
    BlazeCraft10 dni temu

    Well coco was cancelled but there is one more coco one from Dr. R4ms

  • Barb Named Ben
    Barb Named Ben10 dni temu

    *pewds talking about a mrbeast short video* Me in the middle of that: *gets a honey ad from mrbeast*

  • Ariful Islam
    Ariful Islam11 dni temu

    I request pewdiepie to donate 200k subs to saiman so that he can make it to 1million ...🥲

  • Hezekiah Rodriguez
    Hezekiah Rodriguez11 dni temu

    That last video is exactly how it went. 🤣🤣

  • Hezekiah Rodriguez
    Hezekiah Rodriguez11 dni temu

    11:50 - I love that part. 😂😂

  • Hezekiah Rodriguez
    Hezekiah Rodriguez11 dni temu

    Ricardo is looking better than ever!

  • Hezekiah Rodriguez
    Hezekiah Rodriguez11 dni temu

    This 6ix9ine guy looks absolutely terrible, before and after. PewDiePie automatically wins.

  • Hezekiah Rodriguez
    Hezekiah Rodriguez11 dni temu

    480p? What is this!?

  • Hezekiah Rodriguez
    Hezekiah Rodriguez11 dni temu

    Woah... that's a pretty cool figure! Well, medium-sized statue... anyway, great collaboration! Congrats! 👏🏼🥳

  • Alafrid S
    Alafrid S11 dni temu


  • NoobGamer - YB
    NoobGamer - YB11 dni temu


  • kashif manzoor
    kashif manzoor11 dni temu

    7:24 after the ksi colab pewdiepie has turned british

  • Mr.Goldman Gold
    Mr.Goldman Gold11 dni temu

    Hmu on Instagram @Theofficialvmode 🤳👀

  • Mr.Goldman Gold
    Mr.Goldman Gold11 dni temu


  • Alrick Samuel
    Alrick Samuel11 dni temu


  • The Klaws
    The Klaws11 dni temu

    3:24 saiman one

  • TheAdvertisement
    TheAdvertisement11 dni temu

    3:05 It's entirely possible it got auto removed for... some reason.

  • Ryan Aji
    Ryan Aji11 dni temu

    I just realized. Before MrBeast would put Pewds in his thumbnail to get views and now Pewds is putting MrBeast in his thumbnail to get views.

  • iimiilkywavesii
    iimiilkywavesii12 dni temu


  • black raven
    black raven12 dni temu

    Pewds: How heavy is the 10kilo one. Me: As heavy as a 10kilo balls.

  • BEN Ji
    BEN Ji13 dni temu

    Bi** lasgna

  • Pigii
    Pigii13 dni temu

    I don't care if T-series is above you I still think your better

  • Ghost Gaming
    Ghost Gaming14 dni temu

    I am Indian and I say that you are legend

  • Arjun Arya
    Arjun Arya14 dni temu


  • Art Lover
    Art Lover14 dni temu

    Ur gay😑😳

  • Ronenx
    Ronenx14 dni temu

    I am from future to tell that PewDiePie you are now in third. You were defeated by a fking child poems channel 😂.

  • Hoosai Haidari
    Hoosai Haidari14 dni temu


  • kuhjuba dilamho
    kuhjuba dilamho14 dni temu

    The used discussion comparably part because snail approximately work down a unique face. steep, proud stitch

  • Miguel Angel
    Miguel Angel15 dni temu

    5:40 is 2015 edgy dark humor pewds back??

  • The M Fam !!!!
    The M Fam !!!!15 dni temu


  • Harsh Arora
    Harsh Arora15 dni temu

    Watch your jet

  • Gamer On Fire
    Gamer On Fire15 dni temu

    9:28 this part made me laugh so hard 😂😂😂💀💀

  • Nudel :D
    Nudel :D15 dni temu


  • Manshu Chahar
    Manshu Chahar15 dni temu

    Cocomelon is just 1 million far from u 😎

  • Code with Chinmay

    Code with Chinmay

    15 dni temu

    The war is over

  • Roulderiz
    Roulderiz15 dni temu

    PewDiePie Smash Cocomelon

  • TheBedrockMaster
    TheBedrockMaster15 dni temu

    I chippy fan!

  • The Potchie Productions
    The Potchie Productions15 dni temu

    6ix9ine is terrible piece of crap

  • Reino unido
    Reino unido15 dni temu

    I feel

  • Spicy ASMR_Mukbang
    Spicy ASMR_Mukbang16 dni temu

    Mr best is better viloger then you sorry

  • Sree Jith
    Sree Jith16 dni temu

    I have financial problems please help me

  • NotNothingBG
    NotNothingBG16 dni temu


    MASTER FF16 dni temu

    Hi i play Blockman go

  • Aishath Nadhiha Hassan
    Aishath Nadhiha Hassan16 dni temu

    I named my pet bird coco

  • D T W P S
    D T W P S17 dni temu

    Yooo steel ball run pewds

  • Jarrisu
    Jarrisu17 dni temu

    Me: *sees Coco vid notif* *Presses* *this video is unavailable*

  • ginø's life and more
    ginø's life and more17 dni temu

    WHO HAS NOTICED HE HAS 109M SUBSCRIBERS MORE THEN MR BEAST😂😂😭 Edit: sorry my beast ur still good

  • JWild Iron

    JWild Iron

    11 dni temu

    We already know 😪

  • Redspiderninja
    Redspiderninja17 dni temu


  • Colton Deep
    Colton Deep17 dni temu

    Joe from family guy: Always will be in the no leg gang

  • Sher Syed
    Sher Syed18 dni temu

    I was there!! I saw it with my own two blessed eyes!! And let me tell you, It was *Beautiful.* I am one of the ones who actually saw the Cocomelon Disstrack on Pewds's channel. - - - - - Don't mind me, just my weird flex for the day.

  • DS Striker
    DS Striker18 dni temu

    this is the worst video in the world and the worst youtuber t-series is better than his

  • Benjamin Wood
    Benjamin Wood18 dni temu

    "Hopefully the ones that saw it got to see it at least.." - Felix 2021

  • Gamesfor1 Esports

    Gamesfor1 Esports

    11 dni temu

    Coco will overtake him now

  • Aleksandra Kot
    Aleksandra Kot19 dni temu

    great for me the video started with a honey- Mr. beast add-_-

  • Epic
    Epic19 dni temu


  • Mira The strongest warrior
    Mira The strongest warrior19 dni temu

    9:28 piewdiepie how heavy is the 10 kilo one

  • Alex Lopez
    Alex Lopez19 dni temu

    Ksi vs Logan... Pewdiepie vs 69

  • vidit kharkwal
    vidit kharkwal19 dni temu

    3:19 saiman fans