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  • Priyansh 1092
    Priyansh 10924 godzin temu

    dude stop get some help your computer is dying

  • blueisshdarkx
    blueisshdarkx5 godzin temu

    minecraft is boring

  • Fr3ON
    Fr3ON7 godzin temu


  • Fr3ON
    Fr3ON7 godzin temu

    IRAQ 🇮🇶

  • abdulrahman qurneh
    abdulrahman qurneh7 godzin temu

    whats wrong with the fps

  • Lahirus Hub
    Lahirus Hub11 godzin temu

    what shared pack, resources pack you use

  • Bans Freestyle Vlogger
    Bans Freestyle Vlogger11 godzin temu


  • Redfax201
    Redfax20112 godzin temu

    Why u never said "ZERO DEATH"

  • AEG Anything Electric Geek
    AEG Anything Electric Geek15 godzin temu

    is anyone gonna ask about the 20fps

  • yaseen game 777
    yaseen game 77719 godzin temu

    Love you pudipay ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Herobrine the most powerful
    Herobrine the most powerful21 godzinę temu


  • kang Tutorial
    kang Tutorial22 godzin temu


  • Julian Pedraza Arica
    Julian Pedraza Arica23 godzin temu

    Puedes Aser un video hablando español

  • Tenneny T
    Tenneny T23 godzin temu

    Mods next

  • The Isaksen Legend
    The Isaksen LegendDzień temu


  • Linden Forrest
    Linden ForrestDzień temu

    use a bell to see where they are

  • Pog
    PogDzień temu

    3:47 GET OFF MY WALL

  • girl funny
    girl funnyDzień temu

    playing Minecraft again

  • Yanzars
    YanzarsDzień temu

    pewdiepie pls remove shaders is kinda laggy

  • Aaden Blackwell
    Aaden BlackwellDzień temu

    You need jeb

  • Sobriqu FF
    Sobriqu FFDzień temu

    Where is pffft?

  • yare yare daze

    yare yare daze

    Dzień temu

    Sad news, I'm sorry he's dead

  • Furrbuddyplayz Bruh
    Furrbuddyplayz BruhDzień temu

    Pewds: ive died from my own traps before Me: ur on hardcore, WHAT

  • Furrbuddyplayz Bruh

    Furrbuddyplayz Bruh

    Dzień temu

    also is that 4 full netherite beacons? i dont know if i can agree that thats legit. 1 takes multiple months lul.

  • okato GAMER
    okato GAMERDzień temu


  • Yessin L
    Yessin LDzień temu

    6:39 What do you mean you have died of your OWN traps are ya tryna tell us you have died in hardcore?? 😱

  • adam šefl
    adam šeflDzień temu

    do all advacment

  • sosochka89
    sosochka892 dni temu


  • 78Spyfi78
    78Spyfi782 dni temu

    1 русский комент

  • yare yare daze

    yare yare daze

    Dzień temu


  • Rohin Rajesh
    Rohin Rajesh2 dni temu

    u are my favirote fricking youtuber alright brofist

  • Rohin Rajesh
    Rohin Rajesh2 dni temu

    u are the fricking best dude the systems u make sick!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joline Freidenfelt blom
    Joline Freidenfelt blom2 dni temu


  • Nightquest 11
    Nightquest 112 dni temu

    So this is what capitalism looks like (lol)

  • microd33
    microd332 dni temu

    when you've watched his Minecraft intelligence surpass your own

  • Babi
    Babi2 dni temu

    Ok I will tell it it's pewdie2

  • Babi
    Babi2 dni temu

    I'm gonna tell it

  • Babi
    Babi2 dni temu

    I know your secret channell

  • Babi
    Babi2 dni temu

    I love u pewdiepie

  • J - Dizzle
    J - Dizzle2 dni temu

    You know you can get up to bad omen 5 right?

  • Mary Einhorn
    Mary Einhorn3 dni temu

    So bad ass

  • Mary Einhorn
    Mary Einhorn3 dni temu

    Best tuber ever

  • Skirl Wick
    Skirl Wick3 dni temu

    The frames omg

  • Sahil Nawa
    Sahil Nawa3 dni temu

    DanTDM died in his hardcore world trying to build the raid farm by the evokers 😭

  • Nitesh Pokar
    Nitesh Pokar3 dni temu

    Looser ?? U lost to t series ...😂

  • Obi Wan Kenobi
    Obi Wan Kenobi3 dni temu


  • division deo
    division deo3 dni temu

    His computer is lagging

  • Tedpogue
    Tedpogue3 dni temu

    So I know how to do his sorter system but how does he turn it off with the lever? He said he had a way to turn it off so he does t lose his shulker box, anyone got an idea?

  • 김민진
    김민진3 dni temu

    당신은 한국인

  • yare yare daze

    yare yare daze

    Dzień temu


  • Anthony Guidotti
    Anthony Guidotti3 dni temu

    Pewdiepies base is so metal I'm jelly

  • Rangers TITAN
    Rangers TITAN3 dni temu

    Siapa yang dari indo

  • khang BARRY.
    khang BARRY.3 dni temu

    Me: Connecting Game

  • Daniel A
    Daniel A3 dni temu

    Y O U. N E E D. A. S V E N.

  • Sixten Adamsson
    Sixten Adamsson3 dni temu

    You are so careful yet so careless

  • Max Steiger
    Max Steiger3 dni temu

    The shaders are prolly making your computer so laggy

  • Veekshith Ganapuram
    Veekshith Ganapuram3 dni temu

    Any wattles fans?

  • Nicholas Dunzelman
    Nicholas Dunzelman3 dni temu


  • Nicholas Dunzelman

    Nicholas Dunzelman

    3 dni temu

    does he even use a texture pack


    pewds: Good night everyone! me: it is actually night for me..

  • Gjyste Ndoj
    Gjyste Ndoj4 dni temu


  • Gjyste Ndoj
    Gjyste Ndoj4 dni temu


  • pixy
    pixy4 dni temu


  • Kyle Matthew Reyes
    Kyle Matthew Reyes4 dni temu

    GOOD NIGHT GAMERS . . . He's literally playing 24 hours a day*

  • Ashvir Hiralal
    Ashvir Hiralal4 dni temu

    Keep getting lost? Compass and put a lodestone in the ground under your front door or bed, name the compass "home", easy

  • PewDiePie Fans
    PewDiePie Fans4 dni temu

    🟢 Thanks all

  • swopnil basnet
    swopnil basnet4 dni temu

    ooooooooooooooooooooo very cool

  • John Bongo
    John Bongo4 dni temu

    He was on half a heart lmao

  • oliv
    oliv4 dni temu

    My dog olso watched the video

    ASIAN ARTS4 dni temu

    17:39 felix kills a cat so sad

  • Sasa Bajic
    Sasa Bajic4 dni temu

    Try RL CRAFT

  • SpawnyX4u
    SpawnyX4u4 dni temu

    Kobe stone generator

  • Ameilyah Bdair
    Ameilyah Bdair4 dni temu

    Correct me if I’m wrong but it would lag less if he didn’t use shaders

  • FoneyHunny
    FoneyHunny4 dni temu

    Pillagers: go into Felix’s raid system Felix: does a raid legitimately and still goes in his systems

  • FoneyHunny
    FoneyHunny4 dni temu

    Omfg please stop jumping off cliffs

  • ARCØS777
    ARCØS7774 dni temu

    Cade a legenda em portugues 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Bəhlul Əliyev
    Bəhlul Əliyev5 dni temu


  • Lick Your Hands
    Lick Your Hands5 dni temu

    “I wanna expand the base as much as humanly possible” Pewdiepie 2021

  • Tab Ah
    Tab Ah5 dni temu

    He should call his Automatic Sorting System = ASS

    LOOK AT MY CHAIN5 dni temu


  • Matthew Lara
    Matthew Lara5 dni temu

    pewdiepie: my mission is to get all the cats and KILL THEM

  • Matthew Lara

    Matthew Lara

    9 godzin temu


  • Paavan Singh
    Paavan Singh5 dni temu

    Isn’t this how Dan tdm died? Nvm

  • Memelord007
    Memelord0075 dni temu

    *dies two weeks later*

  • Joshua Ashton
    Joshua Ashton5 dni temu

    U so be like every vid I’ve been doing some off camera mining him with 100000 blocks of netherite

  • Dupree Henry
    Dupree Henry5 dni temu

    I like how DanTDM died trying to do the same thing pewds did in this episode

  • Domen Fras
    Domen Fras5 dni temu

    how do you lock the hoppers tho?

  • Arthur Gegelmann
    Arthur Gegelmann6 dni temu

    you just have 10 fps please play without the shader

  • Jansenxado
    Jansenxado6 dni temu

    I never play minecraft

  • Crazy Dude YT
    Crazy Dude YT6 dni temu

    wait a second. im not sure if this will work but if you put two enderchests one on the farm and one at your base. you could have the easiest storage system

  • XenonGaming
    XenonGaming6 dni temu

    Funny that PLclip’s richest PLclipr is lagging

  • Bleak21
    Bleak216 dni temu

    Pls give me a shoutout, I really need it. Thank you

  • GeHmeR Awesome
    GeHmeR Awesome6 dni temu

    Pewds is atheist😳

  • havelpants
    havelpants6 dni temu

    Love the shoutout to wattles his videos helped me a ton and he seems chill af

  • Draw with Zackka
    Draw with Zackka6 dni temu

    6:38 Sorry... WHAT!

  • Arsen Shintemirov
    Arsen Shintemirov6 dni temu

    Felix is willy wonka lol

  • A4 styryes
    A4 styryes6 dni temu

    Here's how many people love their family💖

  • Geeky Gamer
    Geeky Gamer6 dni temu

    "I did some off camera mining"

    ERICA TAN.6 dni temu

    cool base

  • Blocke
    Blocke6 dni temu

    His elytra jumping off the farm...

  • Memen Dimapilis
    Memen Dimapilis6 dni temu

    use the bell to see them trough during the raid

  • RNG Bacca
    RNG Bacca6 dni temu


  • Joyce
    Joyce6 dni temu

    the music sive put makes it even better

  • Joyce
    Joyce6 dni temu

    i just love how passionate he is now

  • Joyce
    Joyce6 dni temu

    never ending minecraft series lets gooo

  • Joyce
    Joyce6 dni temu

    base so epic