I bought a new camera (240p)


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  • zuckCS
    zuckCS19 minut temu

    His camera quality be like: "GO BACK I WANT TO BE MONKEY🐒"

  • •
    9 godzin temu

    Put the video on 144p for full slavic experience

  • luseli
    luseli11 godzin temu

    you said Talar i svenska @10:56

  • Lady Eve • 50 years ago
    Lady Eve • 50 years ago16 godzin temu

    The audio got cut for a lil part of the video but I'm assuming for copyright reasons so it's all good.

  • It’s me
    It’s meDzień temu

    That is such a good camera

  • Toast ItUp
    Toast ItUpDzień temu

    They use these cameras for bank security? Must be good quality.

  • Carolyn Burton
    Carolyn BurtonDzień temu


  • Yahya Bayy
    Yahya BayyDzień temu

    I think 99% of the times in Englisch

  • lol
    lol2 dni temu

    play on 144p for best experience

  • DreamBig319
    DreamBig3192 dni temu

    pewdiepie, you should do a current tattoo review

  • MHWdJ
    MHWdJ2 dni temu

    15:02 that is the dutch king and the dutch prime minister

  • Raze
    Raze2 dni temu

    When pewds switched to Swedish halfway through I thought I was having a stroke

    LAUREN LACHANCE2 dni temu

    As an American we don’t like ourselves either 😅

  • Mosh Jetro
    Mosh Jetro2 dni temu

    Buttt...I always watch videos in 240p cause my internet is garbage

  • Sela Salihu
    Sela Salihu3 dni temu

    he takes lag☝️☝️☝️

  • Андрій Павлик
    Андрій Павлик3 dni temu


  • Ayaan CakeO_o
    Ayaan CakeO_o3 dni temu

    yeh know i think i like the old camera better

  • Anna Archer
    Anna Archer3 dni temu

    Subscribers: GET A NEW CAMERA UR CAMERA NOW IS THE WORST QUALITY Pewds: “gets new camera” Subscribers: How the FUCK did it got worse 😂

  • Anna Archer
    Anna Archer3 dni temu

    Omfg he really found a loophole to troll tf outta of us I respect it 🤌

  • codenameayanYT
    codenameayanYT3 dni temu

    the low frames hurt my brain and eyes

  • kiran kumar
    kiran kumar4 dni temu

    15:13 that laugh made me laugh loud af

  • Memus Peemus
    Memus Peemus4 dni temu

    Better do 144p

  • Naheed Adil
    Naheed Adil4 dni temu


  • Alegría Infinita
    Alegría Infinita4 dni temu


  • Lord Grim
    Lord Grim4 dni temu

    Frame Rate: 📉

  • Red Dead Clowns
    Red Dead Clowns4 dni temu

    I cant believe hes still using the android camera

  • Casey D
    Casey D4 dni temu

    He really got an android camera 😔😔

  • P L

    P L

    Dzień temu

    apple is overpriced garbage

  • Oscar Zelaya
    Oscar Zelaya4 dni temu

    Bruh ewwww

  • mighty kitty
    mighty kitty4 dni temu

    I was wondering when the camera quality would get bad but apparently I have such low standards that I didn’t even notice it was happening the whole video Man, having an old laptop and playing new games on it really lowered my standards when it comes to quality. 2 FPS for life

  • prince gamer
    prince gamer4 dni temu


  • sammeo
    sammeo4 dni temu

    Video quality is so bad that PLclip just give up on the resolution settings

  • Daan Fischer Guitar
    Daan Fischer Guitar4 dni temu

    Do people still watch his vids ? From 00:00 to the end ?

  • omegaspace
    omegaspace5 dni temu

    1:57 well I’m an American and I kinda dislike most Americans so...

  • Freaking rat
    Freaking rat5 dni temu

    pewds: What If I switch to swedish and I just get like a really Corpse voice. 12:16 that's a cool deep voice in there man

  • xd doggo
    xd doggo5 dni temu

    You are trolling right, cuz the camera is even worse its shit actually

  • AkiVK


    2 dni temu

    this guy got the joke

    LOOK AT MY CHAIN5 dni temu


  • Gusty
    Gusty5 dni temu

    Uploaded on the same day he died...

  • shreekar durg
    shreekar durg5 dni temu

    Lwiay -» Skratta du Fllora du

  • Luke Train
    Luke Train5 dni temu

    I'm alright with this camera somehow

  • Christina Chung
    Christina Chung5 dni temu

    Are u guys happy now😂😂 felix's camera quality is literally my phone camera, sadly🙄

  • youngwolf0
    youngwolf05 dni temu

    His choreography with the leg double in the fake mirror is incredible!

  • rasydan
    rasydan5 dni temu

    Pewdiepie win

  • Mxkaeel
    Mxkaeel6 dni temu

    No matter what camera anyone has, my phone runs everything at 144p

  • Samuel
    Samuel6 dni temu

    nice camara

  • Zeljko Marinkovic
    Zeljko Marinkovic6 dni temu

    How did he mess this up, phone video is much better that this, is he recording with nokia 3310??

  • Viktoria B.
    Viktoria B.6 dni temu

    I can’t tell if he was joking about his camera or if he’s serious about what he’s using... I-

  • Josh Florence

    Josh Florence

    3 dni temu

    he literally said he's using his phone

  • cccatmint
    cccatmint6 dni temu

    this is horrid wish never came to this cursed side of youtube btw why do people like pewdiepie i have 2 videos of his in my life time this is 2nd and both horrid why he famous

  • Dantiel82
    Dantiel826 dni temu


  • MagnusScot
    MagnusScot6 dni temu

    As an American, I hate Americans too.

  • MagnusScot
    MagnusScot6 dni temu

    1p camera

  • Axxys
    Axxys6 dni temu

    Put the vid on 240p for best experience If your feeling dangerous,try 144p...

  • Axxys


    6 dni temu

    @The Flare nice brother

  • The Flare

    The Flare

    6 dni temu

    I'm always in 144p 😎

  • MatiasG
    MatiasG6 dni temu

    POV: You live in Latin America and you can't tell the difference since you watch it in 240p

  • Vincentius marcelino
    Vincentius marcelino7 dni temu

    Fakejake camera:

  • Vincentius marcelino
    Vincentius marcelino7 dni temu

    Wow CCTV Camera

  • toyg440 not responding
    toyg440 not responding7 dni temu

    It would be even better if you watch this in 240p

  • Mariejune Ramos
    Mariejune Ramos7 dni temu

    Nice Camera Felix LOL

  • Khan F
    Khan F7 dni temu

    Very unique 👌 👍

  • Emmett Moremalm
    Emmett Moremalm7 dni temu

    Fast asså som svensk blir en ju förjävla lycklig ändå. När jag var liten blev jag så avis på ungar i skolan som snackade andra språk med sina föräldrar, jag tyckte det lät så spännande eftersom att jag gärna ville ha "hemliga språk" med folk (hände ju aldrig såklart) men det är lite samma känsla jag får när du snackar svenska. Man bha "jiiiissss, jag fattar utan att försöka medans vissa måste försökaaaa, göttttt, hurra jag". Ungefär.

  • Victimized mobile
    Victimized mobile7 dni temu

    Crisp camera quality reminds me of my android phone

  • Creep Boy
    Creep Boy7 dni temu

    I Want large 🅿️🅿️

  • Focke wulf 190 d9
    Focke wulf 190 d97 dni temu

    Don’t worry pewds... I’m an American and I don’t like Americans either

  • Shaniqua
    Shaniqua8 dni temu

    watch this in 144p wow its really good (❁´◡`❁)

  • Victor
    Victor8 dni temu

    watch this video in 144p for the best quality content

  • Evelien Boekhout
    Evelien Boekhout8 dni temu

    we need a tutorial of how to make the katana holder yourself 😳

  • Mr. Mouse1243
    Mr. Mouse12438 dni temu

    yo no offense but ur cammera got even more bad

    SAD BOI8 dni temu

    thats pretty crisp

  • Ty Zelenka
    Ty Zelenka8 dni temu

    My phone was at 1% and didn’t die because it was in 240p

  • help mi raeh 60k subsrcibe plaese and thank
    help mi raeh 60k subsrcibe plaese and thank8 dni temu

    Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment🏆

  • The Gaming Lord
    The Gaming Lord8 dni temu

    Cocomelon will prevail

  • Barmadyk
    Barmadyk8 dni temu

    Где русские

    SANESS8 dni temu

    jesus that is the best camera quality i have ever seen in the entire world

  • Phenomenal
    Phenomenal8 dni temu

    😇😇Need opinions about my videos😇 💯💯will appreciate it a lot 💯💯

  • YutoTheSaiyan
    YutoTheSaiyan8 dni temu

    Would’ve been a great April fools joke.

  • Odd gamingTV
    Odd gamingTV8 dni temu

    This is literally a cctv cam lol

  • xHeaveny
    xHeaveny8 dni temu

    Your device is just to baf

  • Exterminator
    Exterminator8 dni temu

    *hmm, 144p*

  • MrCrackerJacks
    MrCrackerJacks9 dni temu

    I turned my PLclip quality down to 144 and I can’t even read anything on the video

  • Aaqib Hussain
    Aaqib Hussain9 dni temu

    Where did Brad go?

  • You ._.
    You ._.9 dni temu

    i wasnt paying attention to the title, and thought my pc was lagging...

  • Hacker 777
    Hacker 7779 dni temu

    Good 📷

  • Nostalgia
    Nostalgia9 dni temu

    You won’t see this comment. It’ll get buried deep down the comments section :)

  • Jason Weaver
    Jason Weaver9 dni temu

    This is like Yahoo Messenger video calling in 2006.

  • Kuajuakuajua kajaujaujaakauja
    Kuajuakuajua kajaujaujaakauja9 dni temu

    my phone is laggin

  • Eazliy
    Eazliy9 dni temu

    Personally I had the Pewds can but I didn’t like it, it was probably because it was carbonated but idk just tasted weird.

  • GAMER 7729 • 96 years ago
    GAMER 7729 • 96 years ago9 dni temu

    3:26 *weebs... ASSEMBLE*

  • TwizzlyTwist
    TwizzlyTwist9 dni temu

    12:15 as a swede made me try not to laugh so hard. Did not expect mega chad pewds

  • Shahbaz ahmed
    Shahbaz ahmed9 dni temu

    Hi good nice to see

  • Dude person
    Dude person9 dni temu

    why did the audio just die at a certain part

  • Jean Terrero
    Jean Terrero9 dni temu

    240p video "put the quality on 240p"

  • Vestock
    Vestock9 dni temu

    The thumnail looks like Japanese films

  • kinley .-.
    kinley .-.9 dni temu

    Pewds, i LOVED your Swedish videos! I felt like i was learning it, I’m sad people disliked them :(

  • kinley .-.
    kinley .-.9 dni temu

    The fact that he had to look at the chair to remember the name clutch... you ain’t getting that katana holder pewds

  • faisa shire
    faisa shire9 dni temu


  • Mariah Alex
    Mariah Alex9 dni temu

    Yes! I honestly don't care about the camera quality. This has been going on for years, who cares honestly, I've never noticed.

  • Sandy Thankur
    Sandy Thankur10 dni temu

    me watching this vid in 144p for fun

  • nicholas hayes
    nicholas hayes10 dni temu


    BIEN CARLO10 dni temu

    Dame name na neyo dame naneyo.

  • Gurram Nikhil Sai Chowdary
    Gurram Nikhil Sai Chowdary10 dni temu

    Me watching 240p camera in 240p Quality

  • adamsn
    adamsn10 dni temu

    His Camera said : Go back i want to be shitty quality

    THE GOD10 dni temu

    you sound like pewdiepie