Are Ghosts Real? (Proof)

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  • Elle Raymundo
    Elle RaymundoMinuta temu

    17:22 What is that ghost behind you, Pewds!!!???

  • Hunter's chronics
    Hunter's chronics2 godzin temu

    Ken is talking about the pressure changing the room when you open the door and Pewdiepie is just absolutely clueless lol

  • Iced Tohfuu
    Iced Tohfuu2 godzin temu

    15:20 I think I remember this one. I believe the guy climbed from the side which was blocked by the pole and then he just walked. I believe it also said that the camera was so bad that it looked like he was on the other side of the gate when in reality, he was already past the gate.

    JK CAT CAVE2 godzin temu

    Why there is bob ross in the mirror in 1:40

  • qwazy ditto life
    qwazy ditto life2 godzin temu

    Bruh that ghost just wanted to play with some fucking legos leave him alone

  • CrazyZone K.O
    CrazyZone K.O3 godzin temu

    15:49 It just had to be philipines cmon men

  • Israel G.
    Israel G.4 godzin temu

    16:37 so we just gonna ignore the fat sound effect?😹⁉️

  • Alec Hobbs
    Alec Hobbs6 godzin temu

    3:27 iron man ghost behind felix!🤫🤐😶‍🌫️👻

  • Eileen Baxter
    Eileen Baxter9 godzin temu

    16:03 omg I think ur house is haunted 😨😰

  • Andrei Brinzei
    Andrei Brinzei9 godzin temu

    I watch this drunk.. its a most! 🤣🤣crazy real. 🤣🤣🤣😱

  • Parapa X
    Parapa X9 godzin temu

    22:28 "Dont let this be a jumpscare!" Ken: Prepares for the scare Felix: Drinks cola with dead eyes

  • Travis Cuningham
    Travis Cuningham9 godzin temu

    If they have experienced stuff themselves they would believe in ghosts

  • Travis Cuningham
    Travis Cuningham9 godzin temu

    I have experienced voices books flying a apparition and the feeling of being watched

  • Bongiwe Ntsikeni
    Bongiwe Ntsikeni10 godzin temu

    What's the thing behind poods at around 17:18 ?

  • Niles Borduin
    Niles Borduin11 godzin temu

    Wait the reflections in his mirror

  • Wasp_87
    Wasp_8711 godzin temu

    That happened to me it was a face but I couldn’t blink I’m not joking I could not blink and I tried them I could then it was gone

  • Willow Eve
    Willow Eve13 godzin temu

    I have one story that I remember from when I was 4. My papaw had gotten into a car accident and passed away. A few nights after his accident I was sleeping in bed with my grandma cause I couldn't sleep by myself, and I woke up to get some water. Got my water, came back and sat on the side of the bed facing the bedroom door. The hall light was on, and I saw something standing in the doorway. It scared me at first, but then I realized that it looked like my papaw. I remember just thinking this random thought of "he doesn't have any eyes", and I never understood. I never told my grandma about the eye part, but I told her I saw him. Then a few years ago, we were going through her jewelry, and I found a shirt pin with an eye on it. I asked what it was and she said that after my papaw passed away, he had his eyes donated. Then when I told her about the eye thing, she started crying. Another thing that happened was after his accident, my mamaw went to play the piano, and it had been out of tune for 30 or so years, and when she played it was completely in tune. My dad came in and asked if she had gotten it tuned, and she said no. After that day, it hasn't been in tune since. I believe it was him, and I believe in ghosts, but not to an extreme that some go to where EVERYTHING is paranormal. But I do believe

  • CabbageGaming
    CabbageGaming14 godzin temu

    22:50 poor ghost slipped on the wet floor

  • Shadow Fame
    Shadow Fame14 godzin temu

    It's not much, but when I was like 5 through 7 I would always hear footsteps in the hallway while I was trying to go to sleep, but everyone would be asleep when it happened, so I knew it wasn't my family. I would even get up to go check to make sure, and there was never anyone there.(●__●)

  • Kali Ohja
    Kali Ohja16 godzin temu

    Hv u notice that the spirit of Tony stark just appeared in the video

  • geogamelion
    geogamelion17 godzin temu

    what was the first character you noticed on the mirror (it was iron man for me)

  • The Art Van
    The Art Van17 godzin temu

    5:32 I just realized Mary + Ken = *AMERICAN*

  • Muramasa剣
    Muramasa剣17 godzin temu

    PewDiePie i think you should read The holy book Qur'an so you can get all the answers.

  • Shimpleton
    Shimpleton18 godzin temu

    I 100% think that ghosts do it just to watch them freak out. Just imagine this: You can't be seen, but you can interact with the environment around you. Some Vloggers or youtubers or tiktokers or whatever come round to dance in their undies for attention and you just come out with a front door slam and a light flicker and watch as they break down. How fucking hilarious would that be? watching grown adults freak out over a fucking Bionicle's head moving in the corner of the room for no fucking reason. tbh if it was me i'd make that robot walk over and just start chanting nursery rhymes in the voice of a little girl whilst making fried eggs. gotta love some fried eggs.

  • Dj Art
    Dj Art18 godzin temu

    Fun story: I was in my room then a large light flashed in my face. But it’s wired because I looked through my baby photos and seen the same light. Apparently this light in photo are called a poltergeist. This is May 3rd time seeing this in my life. I haven’t met anyone who seen this. Extra stuff: the light could be that you were nuked but because The theory of Quantum immortality you where sent to a different universe, but are slightly changed so that you aren’t dead.........yet. You: Edit: .

  • I’m a piece a garbage
    I’m a piece a garbage19 godzin temu

    3:27 iron man ghost confirmed

  • Kim jong-un
    Kim jong-un22 godzin temu

    14:20 aerodynamics were wrong all these days

  • Barath
    Barath23 godzin temu

    last one was due to vibration ig

  • Barath
    Barath23 godzin temu

    Fun Fact those lights in elevators was by some vehicles out there

  • Gabriel Relos
    Gabriel RelosDzień temu

    The guy that walked through the gate was from the Philippines and he just climbed the side but it looks like he walked through search Jessica soho and find it

  • Dalton Mcnamara
    Dalton McnamaraDzień temu

    Ok ima list all of the ghosts behind pewdiepie 1:39 3:22 4:20 5:02 6:21 6:39 8:03 9:09 9:50 10:46 11:24 water sheep rip 11:27 idk some pig I guess pewdiepie had 11:50 12:55 13:58 14:53 15:10 16:04 17:22 18:49 20:00 21:40 23:38

  • Stephanie Rachelle
    Stephanie RachelleDzień temu

    Gonna be honest, I sub nuke's top 5 , also Ken. No regrets

  • Johnnyy Ramone
    Johnnyy RamoneDzień temu


    T-SERIES DATADzień temu

    maybe ghosts will appear from unexpected things

  • Miki Mouse
    Miki MouseDzień temu

    4:20 Obi what u doing there??

  • K!ro
    K!roDzień temu

    I love the touch of dead movie characters/people that you edit into the background occasionally.

  • shree sankar ;-;
    shree sankar ;-;Dzień temu

    The picture of a planet 5 billion km away,:4080p Picture of the next floor ghost :144p intensifies

  • Pro?Matheus BR
    Pro?Matheus BRDzień temu

    I have at least 2 good ghost/demons stories but Im lazy to write (that happened to me)

  • Potet
    PotetDzień temu

    who is actually that other dude. LOL

  • Elder Ethan21
    Elder Ethan21Dzień temu

    WOAHH WOAH WOAH 8:03ghost behind pewdiepie!!!!

  • Sebbomb
    SebbombDzień temu

    18:04 but the ghost that entered was gay…

  • iTz Flame 7
    iTz Flame 7Dzień temu

    1:41 bob ross ghost confirmed

  • The last nugget
    The last nuggetDzień temu

    When you forget you’re a paid actor

  • Blue room Collectibles
    Blue room CollectiblesDzień temu

    The 🐝 is possessed

  • FryloTheGamer
    FryloTheGamerDzień temu

    15:10 Bro you really didn't have to do my man Avdol like that 😭😭😭

  • Jake Bles
    Jake BlesDzień temu

    Ghosts were caught on pewdiepie's camera 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Phillipe Reyes
    Phillipe ReyesDzień temu

    14:10 They've gone up the ventilation shaft!

  • Mobb
    MobbDzień temu

    If anyone don't think ghosts are are real, then go to a cemetery with the boys or gals and be there between 2 and 3.30:am. They are real because the supernatural is real

  • MR. imposter
    MR. imposterDzień temu


  • Abdul Muhaimin
    Abdul MuhaiminDzień temu

    8:00 XD

  • Erik Ovesen
    Erik OvesenDzień temu

    Like Goal: 4,782,969

  • Katpakarupan Shamini
    Katpakarupan ShaminiDzień temu

    Pewds and ken:freaking out at the ghost footages. The ghost:we are getting famous

  • Jackspadicy Meatball
    Jackspadicy MeatballDzień temu

    "We should start a PLclip ghost hunters!" "Dude that's such a good idea!" 5 seconds later... "I don't believe this, this group of guys is just out there for content so it's all fake." Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Robloxian_Naufal Azmifaisal
    Robloxian_Naufal AzmifaisalDzień temu

    Video suggestion : Felix and Ken reacting to Nukes top 5

  • i3uanw
    i3uanwDzień temu

    Pewdiepies name is Felix omg

  • Gh Nj
    Gh NjDzień temu

    Watching this kind of video is very strange to me as a person who believes in the existence of jinn. I do not know if the concept of ghosts for them is the same as the concept of the jinn or not. So I believe in jinn, not ghosts. Look up what jinn is 🙂 to find out more. And then decided are you a believer or not 👻

  • Danial Asyraaf
    Danial AsyraafDzień temu

    4:18..hmm..something behind pewdss

  • Fashina
    FashinaDzień temu

    Who else saw it he iron man?

  • Leo Moorhouse
    Leo MoorhouseDzień temu

    04:19 who else noticed obi wan Kenobi in the mirror.

  • Daniel Perry
    Daniel Perry2 dni temu

    16:37 I thought that was just a bass boosted fart with reverb at first

  • ryan hadi
    ryan hadi2 dni temu

    Wow I believe in ghost now I'll choose my religion now

  • Spacey 101
    Spacey 1012 dni temu

    This is the best duo ever😂👌

  • segsy man
    segsy man2 dni temu

    Just a heads up I love your red and pink damascus design

  • segsy man
    segsy man2 dni temu

    So uh. There was a bob ross in the beggining about tinnis rackets

  • Gyselle Ferreira
    Gyselle Ferreira2 dni temu

    2:44 ken gets possessed by michael Jackson!

  • Goron
    Goron2 dni temu

    i was half expecting the ghost or whatever to pour the drink over his head.

  • Goron
    Goron2 dni temu

    The one about the ghost walking through the gate isn't real. The people talking in the background thinks it's real. The whole ghost walking through gate has been recreated. Some camera trick.

  • Ashtonthebrit
    Ashtonthebrit2 dni temu

    Me: getting scared at the ghost. Ken: it's the reflection of the light Me: no longer scared

  • Red Art Studios
    Red Art Studios2 dni temu

    The part we’re he door slams I cannot unhear as the fart sound effect with an echo

  • ShinyMew
    ShinyMew2 dni temu

    What did the cardboard with Legs fill like?

  • Renee
    Renee2 dni temu

    If you wanna see some REAL SHADOWS FELIX LOOK UP THIS SMALL PLclipR “GHOST OF CARMEL MAINE” you actually see dark shadows

    GET GROOVING2 dni temu

    Pewds you can watch nukes top 5 , they are the best ghost videos😁

  • guy in black
    guy in black2 dni temu

    I mean so far in my country ghost are real aaaaaand there is one inside of my grandma body that keep fu*king with her mind

  • Dylan Superti
    Dylan Superti2 dni temu

    21:39 sans

  • David
    David2 dni temu

    There’s just something about ken being a grown ass man and acting like a little kid and wearing a mic with cat ears.

  • iLight
    iLight2 dni temu

    15:50 not fabricated but a result of Camera moire... the guy looks like he's behind the gate even though he was inside

  • Dylan Superti
    Dylan Superti2 dni temu

    3:27 i found iron man on the right of pewds

  • ModelXYLOAlt
    ModelXYLOAlt2 dni temu

    Bob Ross ghost

  • Lol OFF
    Lol OFF3 dni temu

    Ghost at 1.40

  • Lol OFF

    Lol OFF

    2 dni temu


  • Lol OFF

    Lol OFF

    2 dni temu

    Thx for likes

  • Hbomb TX
    Hbomb TX3 dni temu

    1:40 bob ross must not have finished his happy trees

  • Hbomb TX
    Hbomb TX3 dni temu

    1:40 sh*t they are real

  • Toefus Foetus
    Toefus Foetus3 dni temu

    Anybody else spot the random ghosts behind Felix? Lol

  • Gaurank karaliya
    Gaurank karaliya3 dni temu

    Lol you wana see real ghosts, just see a real exorcism believe me you will have nightmares

  • GH plays roblox
    GH plays roblox3 dni temu

    Nicks top five omg I’m a big fan

  • GH plays roblox
    GH plays roblox3 dni temu


  • Ezekiel James Rivera
    Ezekiel James Rivera3 dni temu


  • Souryan Shinde
    Souryan Shinde3 dni temu

    @3:32 there is a Ghost behind PewDiePie..... Now that makes me Believe in ghost FR 😂

  • Iron Wing Gaming
    Iron Wing Gaming3 dni temu

    Sive pulled everyone from the grave for this video. This is the biggest crossover event since end game.

  • Aldis Bergs
    Aldis Bergs3 dni temu

    U guys shud watch chills and u will shit urself

  • zhou kary
    zhou kary3 dni temu

    9:09🧐🤔🤨😲😯😮😦😧😨😰😱 13:59???!! 14:54😧😨 15:11 17:22... 18:49

  • 1 Billion IQ
    1 Billion IQ3 dni temu

    Warning: this episode contains several spoilers behind Felix.

  • Gage Jackson
    Gage Jackson3 dni temu

    The dabbing freddy killed me XD

  • bub
    bub3 dni temu


  • kim sopy
    kim sopy3 dni temu


  • Stephen Elliott
    Stephen Elliott3 dni temu

    1:40 bob ross ghost

  • Crazy Duck
    Crazy Duck3 dni temu

    14:25 to me it is *PROMAJA*

  • Aravind Gundakaram
    Aravind Gundakaram3 dni temu

    Ken’s explanation of the moving head is actually accurate. I have a similar toy, and even it does that at the back of a room

  • Maridel Gumabol
    Maridel Gumabol3 dni temu

    15:30 patay ba yata ang gagu na yan

  • Blake
    Blake3 dni temu

    that footage on 15:46 that is not real, that happened because of the cctv and lighting it was explained :D

  • Manny Ibarra
    Manny Ibarra3 dni temu

    now 10000000persent host are real